Cutting Out Things For You πŸ’“ (Open)


Well since I’m bored I decided I want to help cut out things for people. You must have a picture for me to cut things out of because I’m not going searching for stuff. Please keep in mind I’m not perfect because I’m human. :kissing_heart::heartbeat:

I have cut out characters before so I’m better at that.


can you cut out three pictures. i cant get mine to do it without makeing white lines around them


I can try. What do you want me to cut out? :heartpulse:


this three


I’m right on it :sparkling_heart:


Hope these are good


thank you very much


Yout welcome :grin:


Are you still open


Yep :sparkling_heart:


Great let me get it


Can you make overlays of the chairs, it’s okay if you can’t.


I’ll do my best. I haven’t cut out chairs before but I believe I can do it :nerd_face:


So just the chairs and not the tables?


Thank you. I will understand if you can turn, good luck :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Just the chairs, please


It turned out so badly because when I erased the tables the chairs didn’t have certain parts so I had to draw them. :confused:


Well does anyine want me to cutout characters? :heartpulse:


I love it, THANK YOU, how do I credit


By my forums name @PropertyofNae