Cy's Emotional Battle (Out Today)

This is my first Episode story. It took me a full year to complete it.

Author: Miz-K Productions
Title: “Cy’s Emotional Battle”
Genre: Drama/Romance
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 9 chapters

Description: The famed Dr. Cassie has created Cy to stop the evil Lexicorp and its CEO. However, drama, betrayal, romance, and sad memories come this way, as Cy goes on an adventure.

Author Description: My brand of off-the-rails stories, at a family-friendly and romantic experience.
Account: @MizKTakase (Twitter), mizk_productions (Instagram)

Summary on story: This is an Episode - Choose Your Own Story. In this one, you get to play each chapter, canonically. For this one, if you choose the right choices, you would get the True Ending to each chapter. IMPORTANT TIP - By making the right choices, you could see bonus scenes, dialogues, and other goodies. See if you can obtain a True Ending to each chapter.

UPDATE: Full story finished! All 9 chapters available!
Enjoy! :wink: :+1: