Da Crowning Game


For this game, you’ll just need to pass the crown around.
To whom tho? To anyone you’d like to thank or anything at all. Just pass the crown to them and state the reason why u passed it to them.
Btw… add in King/Queen of (insert something here) before stating your reason!
If u want to pass the crown but it wasn’t passed to u, u get to snatch it… but u can snatch it five times per day!
U can also snatch the crown back! But it’s also five times per day!



I now pass the crown to… B! As the Queen of Bees cuz she loves Bees.


I, the Queen of Bees crown C as King of the Seas! Because I wanna thank him for helping me the other day…

Etc… u can use your imagination!

If u wanna snatch the crown… (It must be before C replies!)

I hereby snatch the Crown from A and Crown E as the Queen of the Art! She made my art!


I snatched the Crown from D and Crown F as the King of Ice because he is so cold…

Or anything similar will do!

I’ll start!


I crown @Eleanor_W-15 as the Queen of devices cuz u are like… so good with it.


I hereby snatch the crown from @Eleanor_W-15 and crown @Mashia as the Queen of Many Art Examples
because I saw her google slide full of beautiful art and there had to be at least 50 or more in total.


I, grateful Queen of Many Art Examples pass down the crown to @k.w.episode as the Queen of the Username War for her help in monitoring and starting new rounds :revolving_hearts:


I, Queen of Username War crown @Chocolate_Mama as the Queen of adopting forum orphans!