Dad jokes/memes


Welcome bootiful hoomans and non-hoomans to dad jokes thread where you can share your funniest, cringe worth dad jokes and also share funny cheesy memes! Be sure to tag people you know can stand these types of jokes :hugs::joy:

…You may begin :hugs:


I would tell a joke about pizza
Its a little cheesy




What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta !




Me: I’m hungry.
Dad: Nice to meet you hungry, I’m [enter dad’s name here].

My dad uses this all the time on me. :joy:




My dad: did you see that meme (says it like me me)

I just facepalm




It’s true :joy:


i can tell :joy:


Me: I’m thirsty.
Dad: I’m Friday, How you doing.




Or if I would of tripped he would be like.
"Had a nice trip, you forgot your luggage.




I drank some food coloring. My doctor says I’m okay but I feel like I dyed inside


I was going to tell you a joke about infinity, but it doesn’t have an end


My friends bakery burned down a few days ago. Now her business is toast


Or he would say this spanish one.
Cuál es el vino más amargo?
(What’s the most bitter wine?)

Vino mi suegra.
(When my mother-in-law came to town.)