Daily questions!


Heyyy :heart:
I am posting a forum game cuz I love those!

In this “game” you get everyday a question. You need to be honest in your reply. We start simple and then we go more deeper and deeper!

I start with a question and then you need to answer it honest, the one that replied the first need to ask the next question the next day! When that is not possible you need to tag someone that is asking the next question. I know there is some time differents but that doesn’t matter.

(sorry for my English, it isn’t the best…)

I will start first

Question 1

How are you?


Answer to Question 1:

I am good!


I’m good!


@Adam.Epy you was the first one, you need to ask a question!


Question 2!

Do you enjoy school?


To be honest, yes. I feel like it is a way to gain new friends and enjoy whats in your life because when you grow up, your gonna miss those old days.

What is your favorite school subject?


I agree :joy:

My favorite school subject is history! I friggin love history. I’m not sure why but I’ve always engaged in that subject great.


My favorite subject is geography or math, I really love it, both of them.


I’m confused…




Sorry there was a random post by someone about a game…


Yeah, but do I care?