Daily Rewards Missing?

So I’ve been here on episode going on 3 years now… call me stupid but I pay the $9.99 a month for unlimited passes bc this is one of my favorite apps. I honestly don’t know what happened but last week there was some sort of update… but I didn’t download an update, if that makes sense. Anywho I no longer have daily rewards. If I read 4 chapters a day I’d earn a reward, some days a pass, some days a gem and others multiple passes or gems. I no longer have that. I now have an offer gift box, that when I click says no current offers or challenges available. Please check back later… it’s been a week, nothing. Did episode remove daily rewards?? And why??


I’ve never had any of those lol

Well I still have them… :thinking:

I’ve had it for 3 years… as long as you read 4 chapters within a day you’d get a reward. Hmmmm


It’s so strange…
why take something away… and there was no replacement
Especially bc I actually spend real $$ to the developer
I dont understand what happened


I still have mine :woman_shrugging:t2:

I didn’t pay for them I just one day had them. Thought everyone did.


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I’ve moved this thread to Report a Bug Mobile App since it sounds like you may be having an issue with your app account. I’d recommend submitting a help ticket to our support team, they’d be more than happy to help. :smiley:

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I have never had to pay to have them ad I still have mine

Am also

Since the latest app update from Dec 13 I have the same issue but that’s not all. I also don’t have the option to replay any story or anything else. When I press on the 3 points beside the play button on any story it only says this

And I don’t even have the 3 points beside the play button on Episode original stories…
Also, normally there was either “complete” or “more episodes coming soon” next to the actual amount of episodes, but that’s gone as well. And the button “see more>” to see all your favorite stories in a list on full screen is also gone…


I also no longer have the daily rewards, but instead I have a little annoying Christmas present urging me to purchase passes! (Which I won’t ever do, fear not, Episode Community. I will not support the patriarchy today, fine sir.)


You should also submit a ticket if you haven’t done so already. :smiley:

Do you still have unlimited pass offered?

I didnt get mine this month and I’m dying!

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I’ve just noticed that my unlimited pass offer isn’t there for me.

Even I am also missing daily rewards. This has happened post the latest update. I have already raised a ticket but it is yet yo be resolved. Hopefully we get the saily rewards back once again :slight_smile:

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