Daily rewards us gone

I noticed that the daily rewards haven’t been active, i thought its just for a day, but i think it wasn’t active for a week now. Do you guys have the same issues as me? What can i do to fix this? Thank you!

Also, other writers profile and my profile isn’t showing up, and the cover of my episode is still for christmas lol. Ive address this to the higher ups and they still gave me the same answer that it will take a while, but its like months now, 4 months now. Lol. Ive also send tickets to them twice already. Tell me how to fox thiiiis. I tried everything!! Zzz

Thank you


Ive been using android. But the app also updated 2 times now, and some of the features aren’t back yet. Idk what to do at this point.


My daily rewards have been gone for almost a month now. I sent a ticket and this is what they said:

Thanks for contacting the Episode team! In order to create a better experience for players and make sure that the features released are the best they can be, the team will sometimes release certain features to small groups of players at a time in order to make sure everything is working properly. Hopefully this will be available to you soon as well, but it may take some time.

I have no idea what this means lol

This is what they replied to me when my profile account and other profile account wont show up, now this. Lol. Whats happening

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Damn so jealous :((( I wish its only temporary :weary:

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release certain features

I already had those features though, you just removed them, episode team

Removed them? I didnt do anything, any idea how to return them?

I was referring to episode removing them lol

I’ll edit it

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