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Welcome to Damaged!

All about Damaged

Here in 2039, people are now in shelters because of the dangers of untamed storms here on planet Earth. Thousands of people are put in shelters for help and stuff. The most Damaged place here is SHELTER 2.3, It has gotten bombed and beaten up. Here and there you will see LOTS of changes to the rules. But, we also have bedrooms, and jobs. But we also have Education. Kids, Teens, Elders, and Adults are welcome here! Jobs are the most important to keep the shelters safe. People are out into lots of different shelters here and there to be safe or something terrible like a fight or something happens.

But, now lets talk about World War 3. In 2020 a lady had been protesting about Androids and people disagreed. Guns were used for people who hated the idea of Androids. Everyone in this war or conflict was on two different sides. You want Androids or Not. People around the world hated it, and people used this innocent robots for killing Androids.

People tried to change that problem by NOT having robots. But, people wanted them back. People wanted “Maids” for there homes. But one female didn’t want that. Her name was Barbara Hill.
She thought the robots were safe, she thought they’ll be good to use for life… and love.

Barbara herself loved HER android. She fell in love deeply.

People started WW3… everyone started fighting for what they wanted.


Poor Barbara died in the fight, as well as her Android. In blue blood.

I’d hope you’ll like this! But, here’s the jobs!


Gardening Crew- 0/4 People-
Education Crew - 0/7 People-
Cooking Crew- 0/3 People -
Nurse Crew - 0/5 People -
Babysitting Crew - 0/6 People -
Elder Helping Crew- 0/4 People -
Maids - 0/5 People
Janitors - 0/4 People -

Android Sign ups



Connor- @Epi.Sympatics/Me!
Layla Conners @Coolepisodes
Harley @meadowh
Shane @Olivia_f
Liv @Olivia_f
Drake @Coolepisodes

Who’d I think will be VERY berry interested!

@Chocolate_Mama, @AS007, @SilverStar, @Forever1201, @dqrkskin , @Daisy_Flower1 , @Coolepisodes , @UltimaW , @BadassSaasha @16AngelCat , @Zabica
And more!

@Daisy_Flower1, @Rylie, @Raybadem, @C_ssie , @16AngelCat , @UltimaW , @meadowh

Hope you’ll Enjoy this!

Damaged||SG/RP||Offical RP!||

Ooooh nice


Hope you’ll sign up :slight_smile:


Can I reserve a maid and a babysitter?




Thanks I’ll sign up later when I have time! :heart: :smile:


Reserve for cooking and education worker if possible?


Can I reserve for a maid female?


Reserve nurse and gardening crew?


reserve a maid and babysitting


Reserve for a maid. I will sign up when I can


I’ll sign up


Reserve for Maid (Female)


Reserve maid - female


@Epi.Sympatics is this based around the video game Detroit: Become Human? With the androids and blue blood and war?

Because damn I love that game

Also, does that mean a Maid is an Android?


It can be, but soon I’ll be making Android sign ups. But, yeah.
You can go on the normal signups and make an android though.

Also yeah it’s based on it :sunny:



@Olivia_f, so you signed up but in your signups you don’t have a long personality, or backstory.
You must add a little more to that so people can get to know how powerful and astonishing Shane is!

:smile: Thank you, Epi.Sympatics


do you want me to redo it?


No, just go ahead and put the backstory and Personality in a PM for me :slight_smile:



Aww awesome, but it doesn’t give you the option to put that you wanna be an Android

And I love Connor, don’t you?