Dance Animation Glitch


I’m using the “dance_backup_energetic_loop” animation for my story and for some reason some of my characters appear with this black shadow (mask) over their faces?
I didn’t have this before. It looks scary and weird and it is ruining my scene. :sob::sob:
It would be great if the Episode Team could have a look at it, please?
Thank you. !


You might want to submit a ticket so your concern goes directly to the support team. Thanks :slight_smile:


If you think it will help. Thank you very much for replying so quick. :slight_smile:


Hm I’ve never seen that before :thinking:
As Jeremey said, submitting a ticket is the best you can do for now


Well, at least I’m not only the only one who’s had that problem…!


Weird, isn’t it? So, yes, I have submitted a ticket - I’ve just been asked to give more details so they can look into it. I hope they find the problem. :+1:


I’ll let you know if Episode replies.