Dance Dance Revolution (for Episode)

So, @lanafrazer_episode sugested this, @Paris.Writes, (Me) created it, and @Minoesje was tagged and is a very important competitor in the dancing battle.
LET THE BEST DANCER WIN! (totally going to be me) Poll will automatically close one week from now. If it even lasts that long :joy:

Vote here as who you think the best dancer is:

  • (Minoesje
  • (Paris.Writes)
  • (lanafrazer_episode)

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“Let’s get this started!”





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“Shake it off!”

“Turn it up!”

“Cant touch this!”

“They see me rolling!”

“Mi gente!”

“Dont say my name in vainnnnnnnnn”

“U were saying @Paris.Writes?”

“Cause uptown funk dont give it to ya!”

“Turn it up louder!”

“No one cant touch this body”

“Drop it low”


im waiting for u guys. :wink:



I had to leave an on my phone, but you give us no chance at all!
Um…once I get back on my computer I’m totally going to toast you

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lol ok. I WILL BE WAITING FOR ROUND 2. So u can make another poll

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  • lanafrazer_episode
  • Minoesje
  • Paris.Writes

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Let round 2 begin!

Let’s get round two started bruh

lol game on!

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I’m gorgeous

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