Dance studio backgrounds

Hello! I would like to get some cute Dance Studio Backgrounds!
And please don’t say “Episode has one ,too!”
Thank you for understanding! I will give credit!
Thank you so much

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Hey are some background, no credit needed :yum:
Tell me if need something else, I be happy to help you


Hello! Do you have something in this view?

You mean dance studio outside

Hello! This is me with my new account
Another one is my sister’s, she was logged in and I made this to wrong account

So…I am the background wanter

No Like in side view

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Hey :smiley: can you explain a bit more

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Something in this view

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You want me to transparent the purple walls and add the autumn background you send before

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Then :sweat_smile:

I want dance studio what is in that view so I can code better

Same zone


Ok I can do that

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Here are background all of zone 2

Okay…This wasn’t what I meant

I myself find background of zone 3 bit difficult to handle :joy::joy:


I think that I wait until someone comes who gets what I mean… (Not to be mean)

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Ok I understand :kissing_closed_eyes: sorry to disappoint you :slight_smile: