Dancing opening (animated)

Hello Everyone!
I was reading a story called “College Days: Dare to Dream” and the opening scene is a couple dancing. But it’s likeI want to do something similar to this for my new story “Princess Mafia”. If anyone could explain to me how to do this I would much appreciate it and credit you and the author of College Days: Dare to Dream. I will insert a link to a screen recording of the part of the story I am talking about.
Thank you so much!

That’s how I think she did it-

You select the gif of the type of animation you want and then separate it into different images. Then use each image as a background , and on the writing portal change the backgrounds repeatedly to create a moving picture.

Hope you understood what I meant :grinning:


Do you know by any chance how she separated them into different images?

Probably by taking screenshots really fast…not sure tho

Ezgif.com there is a place to split the images

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AHHH thank you!!

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