Dangerous life cover

Hii, i’m working on a new story but I need a cover! Can someone make a nice cover for my story? :heart:


I can try!

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I would like to!

I don’t know if you can see the photo’s but they are the main character.

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Episode harmony can

What do you want done to it?

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Something nice with main character,
They look at each other or something

Can I try as well

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Hey of course you can I would like to!

I can babe! Request Here!

Thank you!

Ok. Well I need their character details


I don’t if you can do that but tattoos on the arm of the boy and the boy is sad and the girl is a little bit crying the title of my story is: dangerous love

Well, to make your characters, I need their details

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These are the main character i want them on the outside sad and it is night

No, I need their details so Ii can make them have that sad look

Wich details?

Like how they look.
Face shape:

Ohh okay the girl:
hair: beach wave : white
Eyebrown: seductive round
Nose: eleven
Eyes: uptorned bold : white
Face shape: soft heart
Mouth: full round : rose

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Skin color?
And what about the boy?

Skin color both : honey
Hair: cropped : black
Eyebrown: sharp
Nose: small
Eyes: rond : brown
Face shape:
Lips: uneven : taupe

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