Dangerous life cover


Hii, i’m working on a new story but I need a cover! Can someone make a nice cover for my story? :heart:


I can try!


I would like to!

I don’t know if you can see the photo’s but they are the main character.


Episode harmony can


What do you want done to it?


Something nice with main character,
They look at each other or something


Can I try as well


Hey of course you can I would like to!


I can babe! Request Here!


Thank you!


Ok. Well I need their character details


I don’t if you can do that but tattoos on the arm of the boy and the boy is sad and the girl is a little bit crying the title of my story is: dangerous love


Well, to make your characters, I need their details


These are the main character i want them on the outside sad and it is night


No, I need their details so Ii can make them have that sad look


Wich details?


Like how they look.
Face shape:


Ohh okay the girl:
hair: beach wave : white
Eyebrown: seductive round
Nose: eleven
Eyes: uptorned bold : white
Face shape: soft heart
Mouth: full round : rose


Skin color?
And what about the boy?


Skin color both : honey
Hair: cropped : black
Eyebrown: sharp
Nose: small
Eyes: rond : brown
Face shape:
Lips: uneven : taupe