Dangerous Love: Mafia Story Season 2 OUT NOW!

Hey People! Jo’s here…

I’m here to say that i publish “Dangerous Love: Mafia Story 2 - Season2” If you are my reader, then go and read…

And who didn’t read, please take a good read…

Details of the Story:

Name: Dangerous Love: Mafia Story 2 - Season 2

How many chapters: 21 (In Total will be 30-35)

Genre: Action

Story Type: Episode Original

Story Style: Episode Ink

Cover: Dangerous_Love_Mafia_Story_2_posterThumb_MuZd84d7UB

Large Cover: Dangerous_Love_Mafia_Story_2_posterImage_IQu6ZP4bwe

Link of the Story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5758823828357120

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*Please take some screenshots and tag me on instagram or here.

Have a nice read and a good night, good morning or good day… But at my time is night :sweat_smile:

Love, Jo :hibiscus:


I haven’t read this story but I will surely read it :blush:
Best of luck for your story :heart::heart:

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