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Dani wasn’t that different than the rest of us. But, sometimes, it seemed like she was. We had all grown up in the same poor neighbourhood on the wrong side of the tracks - our mothers had all worked together at the linen factory before it had been shut down. But, unlike the rest of us, Dani had never been attached to all this - and I don’t mean the neighbourhood and the crimes. I meant the people. Dani’s father had left her and her mother when Dani was two, leaving Mrs. Johnson to provide for two children - Dani and her older brother, Mike - on her own. Dani quit school at sixteen to start working, which wasn’t uncommon. Her brother wanted to be a famous singer, a seemingly impossible dream. Well, he got it. But then he decided that he was too good for all of us and stopped talking to his family, and didn’t share his earnings with anyone.

Then her mother died. And now, Dani has only one goal in life. And that goal is-


To become a professional didgeridoo player.
How she loves the sound of that aboriginal instrument!
She practices for hours every day.
It helps to drown out the screams of her neighbors.
Dani has even learned how to play it while–

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Mike would complain about everything stupid going on in his life.
Mike loved the attention. But Dani could block out his cries whenever another girl rejected him.
A didgeridoo song a day keeps the wails away.
Until one day Mike came home with a…

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Girl. She was beautiful and rich and everything Dani wasn’t. Her name was Allia. Mike gave Allia more attention this week than he gave Dani this month.
She tried to play that didgeridoo.
It didn’t play. She tried and she tried. But the didgeridoo didn’t play.
She discovered that it didn’t play because -

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There was a hamster inside.
After she coaxed the hamster out, she gave him some food and water.
Then, to Dani’s surprise…

The Hamster transformed into a handsome sorcerer.
He was charmed by Dani’s kindness towards him and offered to grant her a single wish in return.
Dani knew she would need to word her wish wisely as her mother had warned her that magic always came with a price.
After much contemplation, Dani wished for…

A boyfriend.
Naive little Dani thought a boyfriend was the answer to all her problems with her brother. A boyfriend would care for her and love her.
She knew she was wrong when-

Her boyfriend (whose name was Darryl) expressed extreme hatred toward the didgeridoo. It was neither the sound, nor the shape of the didgeridoo that was the root of his hatred. He did not even take offense to Dani’s playing.
He hated the didgeridoo because…

His dad used to play the didgeridoo when Darryl was only a kid. His father passed away when Darryl was only ten years old. And so he left, leaving poor Dani, heartbroken and depressed. Until one day, when-

-Dani met an elf, How strange Dani thought. Dani and the elf, Tanelia, went on a couple of dates and soon-

Dani and Tanelia started dating, that was of course until…

-Tanelia was forced to marry and elf prince who killed her. Dani thought to himself, “I must save her!”
So Dani set out on a mission to save his love.

But then Dani saw a bunny on the road, and couldn’t help but stop to look, and then somebody attacked him from behind!

-That somebody was the big bad wolf! The big bad wolf tried eating him but

He did an Irish dance routine and was able to dodge it.

The Wolf, who was angry got distracted by a squirrel

The squirrel had an afro, okay! It’s not everyday a squirrel has an afro.
She continued along until the path was blocked by…

The most beautiful tree and acted like a sim and want able to pass it, that was until the next person to post…

Said to the squirrel: “Hey there!”
The squirrel immediately ran away, she was scared to death!
The most beautiful tree was now far behind her.
Squirrel ran until she saw a gorgeous blue butterfly that flew away from her.
The squirrel followed the beautiful butterfly, until…

They fell in a hole, and they met…