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Edited Covers

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Tags of people who might want art done

@asha_queen, @Elaina.p, @Katie36
@superb, @JulesM.episode

PS @asha_queen don’t ruin the surprise you are giving me by requesting here! Thank you!

Extra example:

I have a new helper! @Bella121! She can do requests as well.



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Examples added! Thank you!

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PS @Danielle318 I won’t!!:smirk:
and I want to request here no prob!!:grin:

Please make me an art scene request!!

Character LL:

Character Ink:


(Look at mine character poses!!:wink:)


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Ok. I can do it. Drawn right? Which character do you orefer I do? LL or Ink?
I can do both.

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What apps or websites do you use?

Your artwork is pretty!

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I use IbisPaint X.

I am SO SO SO SORRY I don’t have any more examples. I accidently deleted Ibis Paint X off my device and it got rid of all my work. So that being said, those are the only ones that I had saved to my device!

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:joy::joy::joy: I delete a lot of my stuff too.

I was just curious because I use Ibis paint and I failed at custom poses :neutral_face: :joy::joy:

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Its good. If you need one let me know. My requests are open! Cause I am waiting for @asha_queen to answer my question. So I can do custom poses and any editing stuff pretty quickly!
Do you need one?


Nope if I will I’ll come to you :wink:
I just practice in my free time

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Ok. I can teach you if you want to make them!

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Yes do please both!!:hugs::hugs:

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I already have!!:wink::wink:

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I will try my best to do both!

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Both of these? Or do you wamt fully body?

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Full body please!!:grin::grin:

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Can I have pictures of them full body then? So I have a refrence

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I did send them full body!!:thinking::thinking:

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I am so so sorry. I didnt cick on them. When it download it only downloaded half so…

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