Dani's Character Card Shop INK and LL 🤡 (FREE) {OPEN}

Hello everyone welcome to my character card shop! This shop is ONLY for character cards!!


  • Name

  • Character Deets

  • Character Outfit

  • Background

  • Animation





  • Be respectful!!

  • Don’t rush me

  • Use the password and blur it

  • Credit me @epy.vector

Password: :feels:

Thanks for checking out my shop!!

P.S If you want custom poses go here :point_right: Custom Poses

I would love a character card! (You don’t mind making two do you?)
Password: You can’t see it when it’s blurred but it’s there, trust me lol

  • Name: Xander
Character deets

Body: Male athletic body (Gold 04)
Eyebrows: Straight medium scar (black jet)
Hair: Messy undercut (black dark)
Eyes: Monolid slender (Green emerald)
Face: Diamond soft
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Lips: Full heart natural (Beige deep neutral)

  • Character Outfit: Any jacket with any jeans and tops (I don’t really mind)

  • Background:black and red

  • Name: Amarah

Character deets

Skin: gold 03
body: female athletic
Brows; arched thick styled (deep brown)
Hair: long down wavy princess braids (medium warm brown)
Eyes: deepest upturned wide (blue green)
Face: heart soft
nose: round broad
Lips: full heart pouty (pink peach medium matte)

  • Character Outfit: Any nice dress (Again not to bothered)
  • Background:white and pink
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Requests accepted!

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That’s the wrong password lol you can’t see it but it right after it says password: it’s blurred

Ahahah I got kinda confused so I wrote that :woman_facepalming:
Password: Idk how to get that emoji but its a man

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Close enough lol

It’s one of the custom ones


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Here you go!


Tyyyy the look amazing

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Hey I would love to request a character card! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would love it if in the character card you could see the whole character body, if it’s not possible that’s ok

  • Name: Alysson

  • Character Deets:
    *Body: Female Athletic Body And Cooper 07
    *Brown: Arched Natural And Platinum Blonde
    *Hair: Updo Pony Wavy Long And Platinum White
    *Eyes: Female Generic And Ice Blue
    *Face: Diamond Defined Contour
    *Nose: Round Button Upturned
    *Lips: Full Round Pouty And Red Deep Gloss

  • Character outfit:
    *Long stocking canvas shoes canvas pink salmon
    *Birds in a flight tatto
    *Nose stud silver
    *Hoop Flowers Metal Gold
    *Oversized Sweater And Shorts Combo Cotton Cream Yellow

  • Background :


  • Animation : idle_armcrossed_shifteyes

  • Password: :feels:

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Request accepted!

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Thanks :heart_eyes::heart:

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Here you go!


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Thanks!!! It’s perfect :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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You have instagram? Bc I will probably post it there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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Yep it’s @epy.vector

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Thankss :pleading_face::pleading_face::heart:

hey can i request a few character cards?

first one: name lauren
face: oval
skin: tan
eyes: upturned bold (brown)
nose: elven
lips: classic (ruby red)
eyebrows: mature round
hair: beach wave (chestnut brown)
theme and pose: well it’s supposed to be my character card so yknow what do what u want with it <3
outfit: just something cute and not too crazy with the circular glasses
background: something aesthetic please! <3
second one: name xaiya
skin: taupe
face: oval
eyes: upturned bold (pine)
nose: roman
lips: classic (rosewood)
hair: messy pixie (mint)
eyebrows: i forgot her eyebrows- lol ill let u know
outfit: just a badass looking outfit
pose and theme: well she’s my character in my story, and she has electricity and teleportation etc powers so you can enable that into there and the pose uh just something badass
background: something kinda new yorky rainy aesthetic fantasy thing if u can <3

this lolz

third and last one: name evie
face: oval
skin: i think toffee
nose: UH IDK ILL SHOW U THE PICTURE FOR THE EXTRAS (idk why im yelling lolz)
lips: full round (scarlet)
eyebrows: seductive arch
eyes: upturned feline (taupe)
hair: straight (auburn)

this and also the nose is there lolz

theme and pose: very badass and criminal and toxic vibes
background: something really dark and gloomy aesthetic

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is this okay?

Requests accepted! Do you have the png for extras?

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