@Dara Amarie Need Help with your Hair and Lipstick template

First of all thanks for all of your guidance and help that you provide to all of us. You are a godsend. I’m using your INK template for hair and lipstick but I was wondering if there was a way to shorten it. I would like to keep all the lipstick choices but I want to only have choices for long hairstyles.

My MC has long hair and there is no need for the readers to put a short style on her head when she’s going out etc. I didn’t want to remove anything because I see things written into the script that I think may affect the script if I start removing things. Can you tell me what’s safe to remove so that I can keep all the lipstick colors but only have long hairstyle choices?

I’m not Dara, but I did something similar for my episode story Perfectly Aligned. I basically just took out the lines that had to do with hairstyles that weren’t long or styled long.

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So like when she has

“Hairstyle” {
@CHARACTER (insert code for changing hairstyle here)
goto (label for hair)
You’d just take out all of those you don’t need.

Thank you Baleigh_episode. I will try that. I’m praying I don’t mess this up. I took a screen shot of your instructions, so I should be good. Thanks for your quick response.

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Good luck! Changing CC templates can be tough, but you’ve just gotta make sure you have the labels right.

If you get really stuck, Dara does have a thread dedicated to helping people make limited CC templates:

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That’s awesome. I think I will check that out too. Thank you sooo much. I’m literally giggling right now.

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Eyyy haha, glad to help! :grin:

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