Dara amarie template help!

Im using the simple arrows dressing game by Dara Amarie and I’m wondering how do I make the clothes the reader has chosen to be remembered? Do I use the if/else/elif template or something else?

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Sorry but I am not a very experienced coder. :joy: ( why did my my post get flagged. sorry for getting off topic guys)

Yes, if, elif and else will work :blush:

The template is embedded with a point system, you could use the point system to your advantage. Let’s say the first outfit is the only one with shorts, the second outfit is the only one with sunglasses, and the third one is the only one with long sleeves (I know it sounds random but listen), you could use the if/else/elif commands to help you

For example,

CHARACTER (animation)
I’m so glad I decided to wear shorts today!
} elif (CHARACTER=2){
CHARACTER (animation)
These sunglasses really help with the bright sun!
} else {
CHARACTER (animation)
Why did I have to pick a long sleeve shirt?

Hope that helped!