Dara Amarie's Guides & Templates (dara-amarie.com)

Check out my website dara-amarie.com for all guides and templates created by myself to help make your coding life easier!

Below is a list of all of my guides and script templates.


For Beginners

  1. How to Create a New Story
  2. Learn the Basics of Directing
  3. How to Add a Simple Choice
  4. Know Your Script Symbols and Commands
  5. Scene Transitions
  6. Speech Bubbles and Reader Messages
  7. Weather Effects
  8. Music/Sound Effects and Volume Control

Advanced Directing

  1. Character Spot Direction
  2. Remember Choices with if/elif/else
  3. The Points System
  4. Enable/Disable Choice Options & Eliminating Choices
  5. Props & How to Use Them
  6. Typed-in Choices
  7. Timed Choices
  8. Text Message Format
  9. Create Duplicate Characters & Family Matching CC


  1. Main Overlays Guide (Placing & Animating)
  2. Tappable Overlays
  3. Create Text with Overlays
  4. Pin Overlay to Camera

Tips & Tricks

  1. Nameless Characters
  2. Upside Down Characters
  3. Built-in Overlays
  4. Faded/Ghost Characters
  5. Loop Your Own Background with Speed Templates



  1. Limelight Female CC
  2. Limelight Male CC
  3. Limelight Body Type CC
  4. Limelight with INK Colors
  5. Limelight Twin CC
  6. Multiple Limelight with Different Labels
  7. INK Female CC
  8. INK Male CC
  9. Multiple INK with Different Labels
  10. Limited Customization

Hair & Lipstick

  1. LL Hairstyle - Lipstick
  2. LL Hairstyle - Hair Color
  3. LL Hairstyle - Hair Color - Lipstick
  4. LL Hairstyle Only
  5. LL Hair Color Only
  6. LL Lipstick Only
  7. INK Hairstyle - Lipstick
  8. INK Hairstyle - Hair Color
  9. INK Hairstyle - Hair Color - Lipstick
  10. INK Hairstyle Only
  11. INK Hair Color Only
  12. INK Lipstick Only

Dressing Games

  1. Simple Dressing Game
  2. Dressing Game with Flags
  3. Closet Menu for Multiple Outfits
  4. Simple Tappable Arrows Dressing Game
  5. Mirror Reflection Tappable Dressing Game
  6. Mannequin/Model Dressing Game
  7. Create Your Own Outfit Game


  1. Questions/Answers (FAQ)
  2. Choose Your Gender
  3. Choose Your Love Interest’s Gender
  4. Choose Your Dating Preference
  5. Choose Your Female Body Type with Plus Size

I already did

I’m glad this was pinned! It can help a lot of people with coding and customization!


Ah! Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to find something to explain to me how to use spot positioning and now I’ve found the whole package! Definitely a big help!

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Thank you so much for this, I just started doing a story and I’m just at the beginning, I’m really grateful :smiley:

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You’re the best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hiii! Wow when I checked out your website, I was truly amazed! You’re doing a good job Dara ^~^. I wanted to ask how to create a mirror reflection of the character, not a minigame tho :sweat_smile:.

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Thank you for your support @MoonlightQueen! :heart:

Check out these posts for mirror reflections:
Mirror Reflection
🤍 CODES: Bathroom Mirror Reflection Scene 💜

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Wow! I love your website! I went on it and i totally saved my story! Keep it up Dara! :heart:


These are so helpful, Dara! Thank you so much! :sob::heart:

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Thank you so much for this! I have it bookmarked! You are always so helpful!!


Everything you have created here is AH-MAY-ZHING!!! Thank you soooo very much!!!

I do have a few questions though. I am using the template to select which characters to customize and within that template, I have also inserted the limited customization template for 4 characters. I was successfully able to customize the first character, however… I kept getting a warning for the other three characters:

How do I correct this template so that all 4 characters can be customized with limited options?

Also, I ran into the same “duplicate” warning error when trying to create the tappable dressing game for more than two characters. How can I eliminate this issue?
Please help!!!

You have to use different templates with different labels if you’re customizing more than one character in one episode. You can’t use the same template twice in one episode because then there will be two of the same labels. You need a different template with different labels

The same thing applies to the dressing game. You need to change every single label and goto name the 2nd time you use the dressing game template.


Thank you very much. I am going to try and see if I can get it together after going to your multiple ll cc instructions. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I can’t figure out how to change the tappable dressing template for a second character for limelight. What am I doing wrong??? :sob:

You’re always there for help, thank you! You make this so convenient and the templates are just gold! I could never put together a whole customization template! Thanks luv, this community is incomplete without you <33

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Hi Dara I would like the request a template :pleading_face:

Hi, I have a question, I’ve asked one other person, but seems they haven’t gotten back to me yet, hopefully you can help me. My question is-to use the choice template would I have to switch my script around to use it?