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I wanted to ask that how do i make the narrator talk while panning on a background?
I tried this method
One line left
@pan to zone X
One line left
NARR (my character name in all caps)
My dialog
So what happens is when the panning happens first and then the dialog plays after the pan, The look that i am going for is supposed to pan while the dialog is playing

I am struggling with this for almost 2 days now i need help ASAP

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You need to use the & sign and the command needs to go right before the dialogue.

&pan to zone # in T
Dialogue here.

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Can you possibly consider making a hair template for males. My main character is a male and I want the readers to be able to change his hairstyle.

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You can request one HERE

Hey do you make any type of templates

You can check out my website for all my templates. If you’re looking for a custom template, I only take limited CC template requests

Hey! I am new here so don’t really know how to ask qs, but the hair and lip template is very hard for me to change the name to my characters name since i do it on ipad. I have to write it manually. Any suggestions/advice?

Hello Dara Amarie I really need your help

What exactly do you need help with?

In the future, when posting please be as specific as possible. If you need help or have a question, just go ahead and post what you need help with. That way people can see and you can get the help faster.

I need help with my coding :sob:


Hi, Dara! I don’t see built in credit for your Q&A template. Was it there, and I accidentally deleted it; or did it come that way originally? I added in a section for credits just in case.

It’s a simple template so no credit is needed for it.


Don’t mind me…just bookmarking this fabulous and super beneficial thread. :heart: :joy:

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Hi I’m really struggling to fix an error in the script (Simple arrows Dressing game)
It is saying unexpected NOWAITSEQUENCE: ui LEFT_ARROW create and ui LEFT_ARROW scales to 0.8 0.8 in 0 and ui LEFT_ARROW shifts to 7 187 in 0 and ui LEFT_ARROW opacity 1 in 0

I have no idea what this means as I’m very new to writing stories.

If someone could help that would mean alot. :slight_smile: x

Post a screenshot of your script. It’s most likely a coding error on the lines before that line.

Hi thank you I’ve fixed it now. It was the previous line. Thank your for your help! :slight_smile:

Sorry I have another problem that I’ve tried to fix but It’s not working. When the reader has choosen the outfit they wanted the character is still just stood there. I have tried to do an exiting command but that doesn’t work and they are still stood there. Thank you so so much, your templates have really helped me. :grin:

I tried to msg you about a customization template for Limelight but i’m really new to this so I have no idea what i’m doing lol but I would like it to exclude long hairstyles and i would only like light medium and dark hair colors and skin tones :slight_smile:

You need to request on this thread: Dara’s Limited CC Templates & Workshop!

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