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I need help with my coding :sob:


Hi, Dara! I don’t see built in credit for your Q&A template. Was it there, and I accidentally deleted it; or did it come that way originally? I added in a section for credits just in case.

It’s a simple template so no credit is needed for it.


Don’t mind me…just bookmarking this fabulous and super beneficial thread. :heart: :joy:

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Hi I’m really struggling to fix an error in the script (Simple arrows Dressing game)
It is saying unexpected NOWAITSEQUENCE: ui LEFT_ARROW create and ui LEFT_ARROW scales to 0.8 0.8 in 0 and ui LEFT_ARROW shifts to 7 187 in 0 and ui LEFT_ARROW opacity 1 in 0

I have no idea what this means as I’m very new to writing stories.

If someone could help that would mean alot. :slight_smile: x

Post a screenshot of your script. It’s most likely a coding error on the lines before that line.

Hi thank you I’ve fixed it now. It was the previous line. Thank your for your help! :slight_smile:

Sorry I have another problem that I’ve tried to fix but It’s not working. When the reader has choosen the outfit they wanted the character is still just stood there. I have tried to do an exiting command but that doesn’t work and they are still stood there. Thank you so so much, your templates have really helped me. :grin:

I tried to msg you about a customization template for Limelight but i’m really new to this so I have no idea what i’m doing lol but I would like it to exclude long hairstyles and i would only like light medium and dark hair colors and skin tones :slight_smile:

You need to request on this thread: Dara’s Limited CC Templates & Workshop!

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Do you know how to lock the story @Dara.Amarie

When we let the readers type in their name, we address it throughout the story as [NAME] like this. But when we want to narrate things, normally we put it like NARR (CHAR NAME), can someone please tell me how does this work for the [NAME]? I tried NARR ([NAME]), but that shows an error. Thank you. :blush:

You can do it using a typed in choice, all you have to do is fix a password. Unless someone types the password correctly, your story will be locked.

Hi Dara.Amarie,
Will you help me with some choice related doubt?