Dara Amarie's new story - Runaway Princess! Let's show it some love!

I literally jumped to the episode app as soon as I saw the announcement and it’s SO GOOD :heart_eyes:. I’m not so surprised as it’s by the episode directing queen @Dara.Amarie after all, but the plot, the characters and everything about it is truly amazing. (The customization template is just…WOW):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Write down your feedback below and say what did you think of her new story!:blush:


I liked it. Pretty light hearted and something I could binge to.


Honestly it was pretty good. I enjoyed reading it.


I love it / and i want that customization too !!!


It’s amazing

I love it and I’m waiting for more episodes!

Such an underrated story. Edra and her male counterpart are such underrated love interests.

It’s not underrated :smiley:

But it should be featured!!

It can compare to best Episode Featured stories (p.s: i love them) - no wonder, Dara worked on many of them. :heart:

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I agree!

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