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Ok I’m very confused on labels and gotos I’ve tried it but it just didn’t seem to work. How would I do it correctly?


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@MC enters from left to screen right
   Choose an outfit.
"Outfit 1"{
@MC changes into outfit_1
goto hair
"Outfit 2"{
@MC changes into outfit_2
goto hair
label hair
  Choose a hairstyle.

@MC changes hair into Straight
goto next_label
"Monday Morning Updo"{
@MC changes hair into Monday Morning Updo
goto next_label

label next_label

And you would continue until you need to stop. Hope you understood!


How do you make two characters lay in the same bed and make it look like they are cuddling?

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Welcome to the new forums Dara!! :tada: :clap:

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You’ll have to spot them to your liking. No one has a template for that because it depends on the background, behavior, overlay, etc.

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Can you give me an example? I’m really confused sorry


No need to be sorry.
Having 2 characters laying down and cuddling is possible. But you have to kind of figure it out because only you know what background you’re going to choose and what overlay you might add, etc.
So I can’t really tell you a way to do it because I don’t know what you have in mind exactly.
My advice would be to play around with your characters’ spots until it looks right to you


Here’s a video tutorial on spotting: Video

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Thank you


Do you have the new temp for ink the one with new hairs, tones, etc?


Yes they’re all here: http://oldforums.episodeinteractive.com/forum/main-category/main-forum/1345543-multiple-character-customization-templates-ink-limelight


Hi! Could you tell me what these actions are called?


They’re the end of the flirt_fingersnap animation


I’m so happy with the new forums - just wishing we weren’t all changed back from our “ranks” (for example, I was a Sonnet, not a Community Member) and that our posts didn’t get deleted. I know there’s always the old forums, but oh well! We’ll all get used to this platform in due time.


I’m struggling with gains. Please help before I toss my computer across the room…

label outfit6
@LILY stands screen right and LILY faces left
LILY (think)
(What should I wear to go out with Toni?)

“Blue” {

@LILY exits right
@LILY changes into LILY_BLUE
@pause for a beat
@LILY enters from right to screen right

gain Blue

} “Red” {

@LILY exits right
@LILY changes into LILY_RED
@pause for a beat
@LILY enters from right to screen right

gain Red
} “Black” {

@LILY exits right
@LILY changes into LILY_BLACK
@pause for a beat
@LILY enters from right to screen right

gain Black

To remember:

if (outfit6 is “Blue”) {
@LILY changes into LILY_BLUE
} elif(outfit6 is “Red”) {
@LILY changes into LILY_RED
else {
@LILY changes into LILY_BLACK

She always changes into the black dress. Thoughts?


Here’s how the last part should read:

if (Blue) {
@LILY changes into LILY_BLUE
} elif (Red) {
@LILY changes into LILY_RED
else {
@LILY changes into LILY_BLACK


Perfect! I overcomplicated it. :roll_eyes:
Thank you for saving my computer!



How to rotate an overlay?