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Do you have a leg overlay

The if else coding

I don’t, but try asking around in Resources.

Can you show me just that code then?

@transition fade out 4
if (chose_answerphone){

@ROSS enters from left to screen center AND ROSS is think
@RINA enters from right to screen right
rest of dialogue

if (chose_dontanswer){

rest of dialogue

Sorry if i cant be more thorough, I cant really use alot of details because it wont open up my previewer because of the matching error

So it looks like you’re using 2 if’s, in which case you are only suppose to use just 1 if. Also, you need to have a closing bracket to close off the chose_answerphone branch and then another ending bracket to close off the chose_dontanswer branch, but you don’t need to use chose_dontanswer, you need to use an “else”

You can learn more about how to properly use if/elif/else here: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

if (chose_answerphone){

[answer branch here]

} else {

[dont answer branch here]


@transition fade out 4
@ROSS enters from left to screen center

@JAY enters from left to screen center AND JAY is idle_awkward


I put that dialogue just to see if it would work and the second choice branch isnt working
when I go back and choose dont answer and get to this scene on the previewer it only shows the "@ROSS enters from left to screen center. And when I go on the app both options show nothing well either of them at all just the background I chose.

You need to choose one of the choices to gain the flag, then immediately test out the if/else. You also need to refresh the page if you’re using the web previewer, or reset story progress if you’re using the app if you’re trying to test out both gains.


So here is my script thing

But in the writers portal is shows MOM and YOU are behind the overlay and I want them in front, I only want DOCTOR BROWN behind the overlay.

You need to place your characters in the scene first, then layer them. You also need to layer the overlay.

INT. OFFICE - DAY with DESK2 to 1.0 -438 2 at layer 1
&DOCTOR BROWN stands screen center and DOCTOR BROWN faces left and DOCTOR BROWN moves to layer 0
&YOU stands screen left and YOU faces right and YOU moves to layer 2
&MOM stands screen [spot] and MOM faces [direction] and MOM moves to layer 2
@zoom reset

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I have a question? I have several chapters already published, If I were to go back add a scene to the first chapter, what would happen? Would it change anything?

Nothing will happen to your story or mess up anything if that’s what you’re wondering.

Okay thanks! Ive started to use CC and I want to add it to the beginning of my story

Oh yea no worries there. You’re story will be fine if you edit any of your chapters.

Again thank you! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Hello Dara, it’s me again. I have a question. I’d like to change the background from day to night and then back to day. I have both backgrounds but it always shows the pan 1 but I need it on pan 3. Even with the @cut to zone 3 command it shows the first pan as first.
Like no movements in between. I don’t know if I could explain it?

You need to cut to zone 3 at the very beginning of the scene before the transition

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It worked :raised_hands:t2: :raised_hands:t2:
Thank you very much :rose:

How can I upload an avatar on my profile like you?

Go to your profile and click on “Preferences” and you can upload a profile picture there.