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Of course. You’d have to use layers and have the character at higher layer than the overlay.

How do I do that though? What number of layer do I use?

Any number. There’s no specific layer number.

There are 2 ways to layer characters:
@CHARACTER moves to layer #
@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # at layer #

And there are 2 ways to layer overlays:
@overlay OVERLAY to layer #

Layers are infinite. Layer 1 will be in front of layer 0.

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Hey, I have a question when you want the reader to choose hairstyle which label do you use and how do you get that cool animation with the hair brush to work I’m confused…can you put out an example on this please? Thanks.

Hi Dara! I’ve been wondering how some writers have their animations timed, they would write a narration bubble and before we even tap to see the next message the animation changes and I tried to do that but failed, is there a certain trick?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by which label? If you want readers to choose a hairstyle, you’d have to use a choice template. If you just want to change the hair to just one hairstyle without the readers choosing, the code is @CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle Name.

To use the hairbrush command, you need to add the hairbrush prop. But only INK has the prop, Limelight does not. A Complete List of Props and How to Use Them (Hidden Props Also!)


They use the & sign and the THEN command

&CHARACTER is animation THEN CHARACTER is animation
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Thank you!

I see, thanks for the help :blush:

i’ve already tried

When I fix it this comes up

“Option 1” {

Now it says this I have closed the dialog and everything

There shouldn’t be a whole line skipped between an ending bracket and the next choice option. The next option should be on the same line as the end bracket or on the very next line.

} "Let her convince you more." {


"Let her convice you more." {

ok it still says that tho ughh

It shouldn’t. Did you remove that whole line in between?

this is what its saying and i just did what u said

Yea but now that’s a different error from what you had before.

On line 2594 you just have a random talk_sad_clutch_loop

Hey Dara, I have another question, in some stories on episode they have facial expressions…How do they do that? :slight_smile:

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@LIAM spot S X Y THEN LIAM faces direction AND LIAM starts sit
&LIAM moves to layer 2
@MAXINE spot S X Y THEN MAXINE faces direction AND CHARACTER starts sit
&MAXINE moves to layer 2
and I get this error messages!
twice has that message
invalid spot"

I am trying to have Maxine in this scence INT. MUSIC AGENT OFFICE DESK OL - DAY sit in a chair and Liam in the chair on the side of the desk where the pc is at!

Help me please!