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thank you!


Hey! I was wondering if you knew how to put characters in the way way back of the background. Do I have to make them small and then put them in a spot?


Hi, I’m sorry if this is a really basic question, but how do you pan and have text (narrator) bubbles at the same time? Or basically have any background (not a looping one) or overlay move while the narrator text bubble still happens? Thanks so much!!


This question has probably been asked a billion times… How do you make characters appear transparent and ghost like?



Like have them just pop up without making “walk”? Use the command @remove CHARACTER, then pause real quick for a split second, then just place the character at their spot.




Yes, you’d have to spot direct them: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)


Use the & sign for that command and place it before the Narrator dialogue.

&pan to zone # in T


You can learn how to do that here: How to "FADE" Characters


Can I get a customation script

character name is @Jayla


You can find them here: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


How do I change the name


It tells you when you click on the templates.


It dosen’t work


If you follow the instructions correctly and in order, it works.


I did but it still not working


What about it isn’t working? What exact steps are you doing?


Thank you so much, life saver over here! :smile:


I did ctrl and f and try to write my character name but it dosen’t work


You need to read the instructions carefuly and follow them in order