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@(CHARACTER NAME) exits (Where you want it to exit)


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE exits left

or @ChayChay exits right

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So you want them to walk to a different zone, then exit?

@follow CHARACTER to [position] in zone # THEN CHARACTER exits left/right


It works! Thank you thank you thank you!
EDIT: Actually, there is no more error message, but the overlay itself isn’t appearing.

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Just noticed you didn’t add that overlay to the scene. You have to add the overlay before you can animate them.

Read through this thread to learn how to add overlays and use them: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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Again, might need to scrap that part because, once again, it isn’t showing up. Is it a glitch or something I’m doing (sorry for annoying you about this btw)?

Here’s my script.

Did you specify the zone number for that overlay?

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You mean like:

Yes, you also need to place it at it’s starting point: with OVERLAY to % x y in zone #


Like that?
(the stuff highlighted I mean)

Yes, but how do you know where to shift and scale it if you haven’t tested it in your story (since it wasn’t showing up)

I noticed you use the same x and y coordinates from the character spot and used it as the shifting coordinates. (67 15)

You should add the overlay to the scene, click save, then test your story and move the overlay around to where you want it, then add those numbers to your script.


Ok, tested everything multiple times. Still not appearing, but thanks for your help.

Can I get a script for customation

guess whos back??? I dont know how to make the charcter go to one end and then the other.

hii I think I see your problem. It needs to be
@JENNY walks to screen right AND JENNY does it while walk_offset
@TESSA walks to screen right AND TESSA does it while walk_trudge

I hope this helps

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So the correct command for entering is:
@CHARACTER enters from [left or right] to screen [position]

The correct command for just walking to a position is:
@CHARACTER walks to screen [position]

And when you want a character to walk while doing an animation, it looks like this:
@CHARACTER walks to [spot] and CHARACTER does it while [animation]


Hi, if you know how to do it, I need help with something. When you do outfit choices, I’ve seen in many stories where they do Dresses, Skirts, Shorts, Pants, and then for example you click on pants, it would give you a variety of outfits that are pants. Don’t worry if you don’t know the code, just curious because I want to use it for my story. Thank you! :smiley:

Hey, my script doesn’t show a error but this set of choices doesn’t work as it should…
label choosing_outfit
LEAH (think)
(What do I wanna wear today?)
choice “casual” {
@LEAH walks to screen center in zone 3
@LEAH changes into LEAH_default
@LEAH walks to screen center in zone 2
} “sweet skirt” {
@LEAH walks to screen center in zone 3
@LEAH changes into LEAH_sweet
@LEAH walks to screen center in zone 2
@LEAH walks to screen center in zone 3
@LEAH changes into LEAH_casual
@LEAH walks to screen center in zone 2

LEAH (think)
(Is this what I want to wear?)

LEAH (talk_neutral)
Maybe not.
goto choosing_outfit

this is how it post to be