Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]


this is how it post to be


Click on the link in my profile. I have a closet template there.


Do you have a refelction mirrow


Like when the character is in the mirrow


You didn’t add a choice option for the third outfit. You just closed off the choice. You need to add ”Outfit Name” {


You can find people who have them in Resources, or there are some in this thread: Help with Mirror Reflection


I dont know how to make them do animations with them not talking.


@JENNY starts (THE animation)


thanks boo!!! :hugs::grin::star_struck::grinning:


The command to have a character do an animation without talking is:
@CHARACTER is animation

“starts” is if you want to have a character do that animation while another command is happening.




Okay Thanks for helping me.


you should thank @Dara.Amarie


I have a scene here when some men of the same gang are pointing guns at the girl and she also has a gun in her hand. I want atleast 6 to 8 men in the scene and it would take too much of my time to design and animate every single one of them. So is there any way I can make it easier ?


Not really. You’d just have to place your characters in the scene yourself. I know it takes time but that’s what you gotta do. There isn’t an easier way.


Ok. Thanks anyway.


Is there a code for mannequins? I found a template for it by Joseph Evans, but I don’t know how to use it.


The template on Joseph Evans’ site is the only known mannequin template available. All you do is just enter your characters’ names and then copy and paste the code into your script.


Hey, is there any background on Episode for a funeral?


I don’t think so, but there is a casket overlay.