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Hi. I wasn’t sure who to ask, but if you don’t know, can you recommend someone who does? I noticed certain people had backgrounds from Episode but they were modified to look like they were night when they were really day. How can I do that? Thanks.

I am trying to add a mirror reflection in the Episode background with the bathroom stalls. How would I do that there? I am confused. Do I need to cut something out of the background and replace it with a mirror overlay? Please help. Thanks.

Actually I found a custom background of a public bathroom with stalls and I was wondering if I could make a mirror reflection there. I wasn’t sure how. Thanks.

  1. at the start of the episode be for you start writing write : CHARACTERNAME change into OUTFITNAME and then you can change the outfit without having any problems! That’s how I do it

How do you add overlays at your background?

You have to create the overlay, set the opacity, shifts the overlay, and scale it…
Here’s a guide by @Dara.Amarie for using overlays…

Thanks but I still don’t understand anyways it might help me thanks💗

Just read it carefully you will understand…as it helped to learn how to use them…
It might be tough at the beginning but it just needs practice…
Let me know if you face any trouble with overlay I will try my best to explain it to you…
But I don’t think it will be necessary after reading the guide…

Thanks :blush::blush:

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How do I start a story script thread (just like this one) in my account? :slightly_smiling_face:

It didn’t help.

Hopefully this will help: Mirror Reflection

You click on any section you want to post in and there is a button at the top that says “+ New Topic”

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You’re starting out zoomed in (the bolded part above), that’s why the zoom reset “isn’t working”.

You need to add “in 0” to the filter reset: &reset hsl in 0

Also, you’ll have to change the @ sign to the & sign when you’re zooming in in 3 seconds. If you use the @ sign, the transition will not work until the zoom has finished.

Hi. Thank you. I read it and it makes sense. I just have one thing I’m confused about. Do I add the mirror overlay over the existing mirror? Would it work in a customized background or just the standard Episode bathroom background, because that is what my mirror overlay is from (that background). Thank you!!!

Thank you so much! x

Hi. Also do you know where I can find a way to change a background in Episode that only comes in day and make it night? I have seen other people do it but don’t know how.

You can check out the Resources section. There are people there that are willing to make/edit things for everyone.

As far as the mirror overlay, if you’re using an overlay for the mirror glass effect, any overlay for that would work. It just needs to be at a lower layer than the background-turned-into-overlay overlay



Hey quick question…
I have a scene set in the nightclub and I pan from zone 1-3 in the beginning. How do I get characters to stand in between zones if that makes sense?