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@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color
@CHARACTER changes eyebrows into Eyebrow
@CHARACTER changes faces into Face
@CHARACTER changes eyes into Eyes
@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Color
@CHARACTER changes mouth into Mouth
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color
@CHARACTER changes hair into Hair
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Color
@CHARACTER changes nose into Nose

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Oh, thank you so much!


&pan to zone 1 in 3
&KYLA walks to spot 0.713 -49 209 in 3
&XANDER walks to spot 0.803 62 171 in zone 1 in 3

Totally forgot to add the zone :expressionless: he’s going to the correct location but he slides across the screen to it, he doesn’t walk. They’re supposed to walk together but she stops before he does. Any ideas?


Change the & sign to the @ sign for Xander’s walking command


Could you please help me? How can I reflect an overlay so it faces right instead of left using rotations?


The easiest way would be to edit the image and flip it so that it’s mirrored. Then upload it as a new overlay.

But in code way, you need to add a negative to the 2nd scale number, then rotate it 180 degrees

@overlay OVERLAY scales to 1.0 -1.0
@overlay OVERLAY rotates 180 anchor point 0 0

Once you do this, you will not be able to resize it. Otherwise it will glitch and exit the app.

Overlays Facing Left and Right
Flip an overlay?

Thank you!


Hi Dara, hope you’re doing well.

My problem is with my script, I don’t have any errors but I made a whole other character to replace a character that I had used in my script and I don’t want to replace every single name because it will take forever. So, I was wondering if you knew how to select a certain word through out the script and then change them all at the same time.

e.g. the character’s name is Milo but I want to replace it with the new character is Leto throughout the script, and I know it’s possible because I have done it before. There will be a box outline around the word or name I highlight throughout the script. Thank you.


Highlight the name in your script. Then press CTRL + F on your keyboard (CMMD + F if you have a Mac) then a box will pop up on your screen. Click on the word ALL first. Then type in the new character name.

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thank you!!

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thank you sm!!

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Hey everyone. I need some help with the last scene I’ve come to. I need to figure out exactly how to place the characters in the classroom.


Hi, im writing my first story, but when i added choices about my character, if she wanted to wear shorts, pants, or skirts. I’m pretty sure i didnt really do anything wrong since the first choice was the shorts, then i copied and pasted it twice, then i renamed the choices and the actual clothes within the coding. Once i clicked save, i suddenly got this warning but only for the Pants choice, the shorts and skirt were okay, but this is what i got:

Expected CHARACTER and SCENE Change. Found "“Pants {” instead. Did you forget to CAPITALIZE the name, or close the ( ) around the animation?

                                      **This is my "choice" coding down below**

label choosing_outfits

(What should i wear?)

“Shorts” {
@CHRISTINA is dustoff_loop
@CHRISTINA changes into CHRISTINA_default

“Pants” {
@CHRISTINA is dustoff_loop
@CHRISTINA changes into CHRISTINA_casual

“Skirt” {
@CHRISTINA is dustoff_loop
@CHRISTINA changes into CHRISTINA_Gothic

@pause for a beat

(Should I wear this?)

“Fuck yeah, You slay” {

@CHRISTINA is flirt_wink
I look hot

“Oh Hell Nah” {

@CHRISTINA is talk_repulsed
Fine Chill
goto choosing_outfits


*now again, i dont know why i for the warning only for the Pants choice, and Thank you.


Actually never mind, i did it. I have to remove the space in between every choice, i accidentally left a space. But thanks anyways


Does anyone know how to get this animation face? I can’t find it!


I’m pretty sure that’s the end of the animation “shush”.

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Do you know if there is a way to do this? apologies if i’m not supposed to make a thread and link it here, i forgot about this thread for some reason until after i posted my post, and i’m not sure how to delete it.


There isn’t unfortunately. The only “interactive” aspects of Episode is tapping to continue or tapping a choice button.


Okay, thank you!


Hi! I have two questions, since I’m new. The first question is, when I’m making a new scene, for example, let’s say a party, and the main girl is Christina, Then second Christina enters the party, I want all characters to be there, and to pan from the first zone, to the last zone, then back to the first zone to show whose at the party. I’ve tried two ways but none of them work properly. When I was writing the story, once I changed the background to this Party place, I coded all the characters that are in the party and where they face one by one, then Christina enters, but the problem is that once I played it, It took for ever for Christina to enter since I had to wait for the characters one by one to appear, also for the panning, I tried this way, by it didn’t work out well again. So I pan to zone 2 for example, it had no characters, but out of nowhere, the characters in zone 2 start appearing suddenly one by one, then it pans to zone 3, and the same happens, there are no characters when it pans to zone 3, but then, they start appearing one by one, and this isn’t how I wanted it to happen So do you know how I can make all the characters in all zones appear at once with their animations and everything? Because I tried everything but nothing seems to work properly.

Now my second question: of for example, Christina was at the party with all the others, then she needed to go to the kitchen to get a drink, so I changed the background to the kitchen, with some other characters there (I still need to know how to make them all appear at once), then I want Christina to go back to the party, which is the previous scene, how can I do that? Because all I know is that I have to code everything I did for the party scene in order to let Christina return from the kitchen to the party itself. Is there a way to make our character to return to the previous scene without having to code the scene more than once? than you so much for taking your time to read this <3