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Wow :hushed: Why didn’t I think of that? :thinking:

Anyway thank you so much for your help Dara :smile:

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thank you

i think i’ve seen this before: how do you make characters darker in a scene? like when you’re using a night background and the characters look super bright it looks unrealistic, can you make them darker like it’s actually night?

Use the overlay “EFFECT DIM 60”

i think i did something wrong haha
i put @overlay EFFECT DIM 60



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I need help figuring out how to make my filter set in 0 seconds instead of in the same time as my transition. Here is the script I have:

When I use “@” instead of “&” there is a period where it is setting the filter before my character even appears on screen. Was wondering if there was a way to set the filer in # of seconds just like you can for reset. Any help greatly appreciated!!!

Just put “in 0” at the end of that command:

&set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 50% in 0

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wow, duh, didn’t even think to try that :skull: thanks so much!!

Hey, I have this issue and idk how to fix it… Please help!!


“Lol yeah sure!”{

readerMessage Interesting…

gain smoke_1
JADE (talk_arms_crossed)
Okay, I’ll come with you,

CELESTE (talk_happy_agree)
Yeah, okay

@CELESTE exits right
@JADE exits right

@CELESTE stands screen center
@JADE stands screen left
@JADE faces right
@CELESTE faces left
@CELESTE starts idle_smoking

JADE (talk_arms_crossed)
Hey, can I ask you some questions?

CELESTE (talk_smoking)
Depends if you’re the police, no, if you’re Jade maybe

CELESTE (talk_forward)
It’s Q&A Celeste style, baby

@zoom reset

    CELESTE (talk_smoking)
What questions would you like to ask?

@JADE starts deepbreath
(Let’s start with something simple)

JADE (talk_think)
How many people are in your family?

CELESTE (talk_arms_crossed)
Wow, we’re going personal straight away, okay

@JADE starst eyeroll

CELESTE (talk_handsonhips)
I have my brother Luca

CELESTE (talk_happy_agree)
My little sister Rosa

CELESTE (talk_arms_crossed)
And my dad

JADE (think)
(He hasn’t mentioned his mom)

@pause for a beat

JADE (talk_think)
What does Celeste mean… In Spanish?

CELESTE (talk_arms_crossed)
Light blue, pale blue, baby blue, any soft coloured blue

JADE (talk_flirt)
Baby blue

@CELESTE starts eyeroll
@JADE starts laugh_guffaw
@pause for a beat

JADE (talk_awkward)

CELESTE (talk_think)

JADE (talk_mindblown)
What is Mora to you?

CELESTE (talk_happy_ringbox)
Aww is Jay-Jay jealous?

@CELESTE starst laugh_chuckle
@JADE starts eyeroll_subtle
@pause for a beat
JADE (talk_happy_ringbox)
Forget about it, blue blue

CELESTE (talk_reassure)
Don’t worry, Pedro and Mora are family friends and happened to be the people that I fell into

JADE (deepbreath)
(Well that’s one thing cleared up)

@CELESTE starst idle_smoking
@MISS HOLI enters from right to screen right
@pause for a beat

MIS HOLI (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
What are you two doing here?

@JADE starts idle_jawdrop

MISS HOLI (talk_angry)

@JADE starts idle_awkward

“Naahhhhh I’m good, Cellphone”{

readerMessage You will miss out on important information about Celeste :frowning:

JADE (talk_arms_crossed)
Sorry Cellphone, but we need to start going back to class

CELESTE (laugh_chuckle)

gain no_smoke_1
@CELESTE exits right
@JADE exits right

Heh, it’s a lil bit cheesy but whateverrrrr :blue_heart:

Hey Dara.

I need a little help with how to add an overlay to a scene in the middle of the scene and I can’t seem to find the numbers or the right way to add it

I’m using the INT. MECHANICAL LAB - NIGHT background and I want to add the EFFECT SMOKE but I can’t seem to make it work

Can i for example make the readers choose the outfit they want the character to wear, but then in another scene, the character has to wear a mask, Is it possible to script that and make the character wear the mask on-screen? (if so, can you show me how because i have no idea) Or do I have to make the readers choose the same outfits again but adding the mask?

did u do
Just like that in script?

You should submit a ticket

What and where is the issue?

For the shifts and scales command, just use default numbers (shifts to 100 100 and scales to 1 1) to add them in the scene. Then change those numbers once you’ve placed your overlay where you want it to be and scaled it to the size you want.

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Yes. You’d have to make a copy of each outfit with the mask. So use gains for the original outfit. Then use the if/elif/else to change into the outfit with the mask.

What do they mean when they say "choices must follow dialog immediately, not a branch

You need to have dialogue right before a choice.