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It could be. The web previewer has been glitchy a lot lately.

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Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I forgot to put “anchor point”

Am having trouble with my overlay again! I figured out how to specify the zone when you add the overlay to the background name, but how do you specify the zone when you shift the overlay?? I’ve been looking through threads for thirty minutes and cannot find the answer. Here is my script:

INT. GRANDMAS HOUSE BEDROOM - DAY with EPY DESK LAPTOP GRAY to 1.255 -30 -16 at layer 3 in zone 2 with DESK CHAIR1 to 1.182 -10 -251 at layer 1 in zone 2
@zoom reset
@LEVI spot 1.456 -80 -9 in zone 2 at layer 0 AND LEVI faces right
&TATUM spot 1.536 195 -62 in zone 2 at layer 2 AND TATUM is type_sit_neutral_loop AND TATUM faces right
@cut to zone 2
@LEVI walks to spot 1.456 29 -9 in 1.0
@speechbubble is 156 413 to 80% with tail_bottom_left
LEVI (talk_neutral_loop)
Hey Tatertot.
&overlay DESK CHAIR1 shifts to 27 -251
&overlay DESK CHAIR1 scales to 1.182 1.182
&TATUM faces left AND LEVI is idle_happy_loop
@speechbubble is 140 194 to 85% with tail_top_right
TATUM (talk_sit_neutral_loop)
Hey dad.

My problem is when I shift the DESK CHAIR1 it disappears to zone 1 and when I add “&overlay DESK CHAIR1 to zone 2” I get an error saying that isn’t the correct syntax. How would I properly code this?

Thanks for any help!

If you are trying to get the desk chair to be in a different zone then just use:

@pan to zone 2

And then find coordinates from the overlay help to put it where you would like.

You have to specify the zone on the shift command

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perfect thank you!

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can you pls help me, I don’t know what I’m doing.
INT. ICE BATH GRANDMAS BATHROOM - NIGHT with WORKINGMIRROR to scale to 2.548 2.548 -41 -108 at layer -1 with MIRROR to scale to 1.000 1.000 -320 -3 at layer 1
@cut to zone 2
@AUDREY changes into After Shower
@MIRRORSELF changes into After Shower
@MIRRORSELF faces right
@AUDREY spot 0.776 163 237 AND AUDREY moves to layer 3
@MIRRORSELF spot 0.776 118 241 AND MIRRORSELF moves to layer -2
@MARY stands screen center in zone 1
@MARY is talk_unsure
@MARY faces right
&MIRRORSELF is talk_shrug
AUDREY (talk_rear)
I should hop in the tub

The error says the coordinates can only be specified once

That is a valid command. It’s used for creating duplicates.

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I did, I need help with the overlay part, but thank you

You only need to specify the scale size just once for the overlay if you’re adding it to the background name.

INT. ICE BATH GRANDMAS BATHROOM - NIGHT with WORKINGMIRROR to scale to 2.548 2.548 -41 -108 at layer -1 with MIRROR to scale to 1.000 1.000 -320 -3 at layer 1

@lanistevenson also remove “to scale”


thank you so much!!

Please help me in this situation

I think you need a space between EXT. and EARTH

K thank u

That sorted out but now it says hard rain doesn’t exist please help a child in need

For weather effects, you need to add the words “with effect”


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Thanks at least someone in this conversation understands what they’re doing

How are you ?
I’m new here and wondered if you can help me ?

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Pls help in dialogue how can I put the reader’s chosen name for the mc