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How do I have an overlay show up in zone 2?


Place the overlay in zone 2


Hey, this is kinda complex so bear with me.
So, the mc in my story has a default name, but I want to give readers a choice to customize her name if they feel like it. Say, the default name is Remy- then there’s choice to keep the name as Remy or to change it. Since readers have a choice to type in the name, the display name for Remy is going to be [NAME]. But if readers choose to keep the name the same, how do I automatically make it so that the story fills in [NAME] as Remy?
Or should I just tell them to type in Remy in a type in choice and trust them on it?


Ohhhh so it’s only for show then? hahaha well thanks


@Dara.Amarie In my story, I want the readers to be able to choose the name for all of the love interests. But how do I make it to where the name they typed in is the name that appears above the speech bubble?


input What is his/her name? | What is his/her name? | Done (CHARACTER)

Just put the character’s script name inside the parentheses. (As long as the the display name of the character is exactly the same as whatever is inside the parentheses, it will show on top of speechbubbles)

More on typed in choices here: A Guide to Typed-in Choices


Hi I’m back :confused: can you help me fix this error?


Remove that space between go and to on line 2925


ah, thank you once again :slight_smile:


hehe 2nd time today. do you know how to put an overlay in front of a character? like for example, i want to have it where a character enters the rooms and walks behind the dinner table and then walks and sits at the table.


HII can you help me? So basically I wanted to have the narrator talk after one of my characters, but then an error comes and says I can’t have one character immediately following another.
SOPHIA (talk_neutral_loop)
Ok see ya then



You’ll have to put your character at a lower layer than the overlay. Here’s how to layer overlays:


You need a period, exclamation point, or any ending puncuation if you have dialogue in all caps.


OK thanks so much it worked!


Hey, if a character is laying down, how do you make it have a transparent background if you can’t fully see it?


Thank you so much @Dara.Amarie !


I’m not sure what you mean?


Like, when people make covers, they cut out their character & place it in their own background. But, my question is, if a character is laying down, how can cut that character out?


They screenshot it on their phone then use a photo editing app/website to cut out the character.


I’m trying to have one character punch another, and have the other character react to it. For some reason, that character isn’t doing their action. Here’s what I’ve tried:

&ERICA faces right and ERICA is punch_jab
@ANNA is punch_receive

@ANNA is punch_receive and ERICA faces right and ERICA is punch_jab

@ANNA is faint and ERICA faces right and ERICA is punch_jab

&ANNA is punch_receive
@ERICA faces right and ERICA is punch_jab

The character ANNA doesn’t do her action while ERICA is doing her’s. I’ve switched it up and changed the action, previewed it in the app, even refreshed the page. Why isn’t it working and what can I do to fix it?