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Sure! Give me a moment…



Here is the script:



Remove the @pause for 2 on line 18, and change the & sign to an @ sign on line 17



Thank you! That worked.

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Hi, I’ve been wanting to make a Gym scene, but I also wanted to use an overlay that I uploaded, which is a punching bag. To be honest, I have no idea how to script this. I’m using the background
INT. GYM - DAY and I’m using an Overlay I uploaded and called INT. PUNCHING - DAY
Also the Gym has only 2 zones, and I wanted to place the overlay in zone two. Do you know how I can script his?




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Thank you so much!



Hey! I was wondering how you script so that a character is pacing back and forth?



Hi, @Dara.Amarie! I really need help…
My story was working great but now just from nowhere it started saying something about label…
Here’s the screenshot:


Can you please help me?

P.S. If you can’t read anything from the screenshot, tell me and I will send you another one!

Thank you!



Just have them walk to a spot back and forth.

@CHARACTER walks to screen right
@CHARACTER walks to screen left
@CHARACTER walks to screen right
@CHARACTER walks to screen left

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You can’t have a label or goto right after “music off”. So just move the “music off” command and put it on line 204 after the label story and the background name.

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Hey Dara, the background EXT. OUTDOOR STREET LOOP - DAY isn’t working. I have my characters walking but the background isn’t moving at all. Is there something specific I need to be doing? Instead of just typing in the background?



That background doesn’t work unfortunately.



I’m trying to code a scene where a character walks to a spot while the camera follows behind him, but he stops and does idle. I’m also trying to have an overlay move and fade at the same time, but everything does it out of order and it isn’t smooth. The character pauses before he does rear. How do I have everything move smoothly and have my character not pause before rear?




Are you trying to have all those happen in the same amount of time? Because you have your character walking in 1 second, your overlay fading in 2 seconds while it scales and shifts in 1.5 seconds, and your zooming in 1.6 seconds.

That’s also why your character is idle after they walk because your zooming in 1.6 so your character has to wait another 0.6 seconds before they do the rear animation. Put THEN ARNE starts rear on the same line as the walking command

&ARNE walks to spot ------ and ARNE does it while ---- and ARNE faces right THEN ARNE starts rear



Thank you! I’ve always had a problem with this stuff and I never really used THEN before. Thank you again!

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How do you do the cell phone (like facetime) or texting



Hey, Dara, so I want my overlay to have an opacity of 0 at first, so there’s nothing there and then fade in after the music. But for some reason, the overlay is there the whole time. Help, please?

INT. COURTROOM - DAY with TITLE to 1.319 25 306

&overlay TITLE opacity 0

sound shortmusic_crimedrama

@overlay TITLE opacity 1 in 3



Hey Dara! Sorry for annoying you but there has been an error I don’t know how to fix.
1- Outfits
So made two label choosing outfits in this episode
So at first the outfits show up correctly but lets say I didn’t like it. The old outfits would show up.

2- I don’t know how to make a character sit BEHIND the desk. Like I tried
@LEA spot 0.971 84 158 in zone 3 at layer 0
@LEA is sit AND LEA faces right.
Any idea what to do?



I’m having an issue with spot directing, and I’m still unsure of what all the number values mean so my usual trial and error approach for episode problems isn’t working well.

The idea is that I’ve got a group of characters in the foreground who are talking, and a could of characters in the background who are eavesdropping. In order to make the background characters visible I’m using spot directing, but I’m having a layering issue. One of the background characters is in front of the foreground characters. When I found her spot she was behind them, but once I saved the script and previewed it she was on top of everything. Any ideas on how I might fix this?