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Now it says “Unexpected BLOCK_BEGIN: {” And I don’t know what to do

label 1_1_dressinggame

    LILITH DEMON (think)
What should I wear?

“Black Cutout Dress” {


Remove that bracket between the word choice and “Black Cutout Dress”, that shouldn’t be there.


Ok, thanks a lot! But it says that this is wrong too. Does it mean that I have mispelled everything about choosing outfit? And where can I eventually find the correct script, because someone else wrote this, but everytime I fix it, a new error shows up…


} “Black Diamond Dress” {


The format for a choice should look like this:


"Option 1" {

#script here

} "Option 2" {

#script here

} "Option 3" {

#script here

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Hi Dara,

Please can you tell me how to code so that the reader can input her last name as well as her first name?


Use the input code.


I’m using the code below for the first name, but how do I set it for the last name? And how to call up the last name later on in the story?

What’s your name?

label YOU_name_input
input What’s your name?|What’s your name?|Done(YOU)
if (YOU is “”){
I can’t run around without a name!
goto YOU_name_input


It’s the same code. Just change “What’s your name?” to “What’s your last name?” then change YOU to something like LASTNAME


Ooooh… Thank you! :sweat_smile:


I’m getting this weird warning for no particular reason?


Try spotting the code

&ADRIANA enters from right to screen center in zone 3
&EMILY enters from right to screen right in zone 3


It’s not going away


You don’t add “in zone #” for that command. It’s just “enters from right to screen center” without the zone 3. You already cut to zone 3 so you don’t need to add that in.


It’s gone now. Thank you!


No problem :slight_smile:

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Hey Dara! I was wondering if you knew a few things.

First: how do you customize two characters in one episode without errors?
Second: how do you make it when someone chooses something for a choice, that choice answer gets carried into the next episode?
Third: how do you make characters speak offset?

sorry for so many!! thanks so much




Three: if you mean offscreen, place your characters in a different zone and have them talk, or use the narrator box with their name next to it:



thanks soooo much!!


honestly, I don’t know what that means or what it is. what is a ‘create command’??


@overlay OVERLAY create