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You would need to use a duplicate character. The display name for the duplicate character needs to be blank. Then after customizing, use the code @CHARACTER becomes DUPLICATE, then switch out the blank named character with the character that has a name.


Hey, so im new to writing episode stories and im really stuck here, so i typed this in @LILI enters from left to screen left

LILI (deepbreath)
(Deep breath.)

LILI (talk_flirt)
Lets make this night my bitch

LILI spot 0.323 241 342 AND faces left


so i want her to move to that spot, but the error says that i cant have one character immediately following another. what should i do?


LILI spot 0.323 241 342 AND LILI faces left

You need to add the character name again when you want them to face left or right


Ohh, Thank you so much!


Hey, so i have 2 problems that i need help with

1- i have this on the start of my story" EXT. BLUE - DAY
@SAMA enters from left to screen center (music_aggropop)
SAMA (talk_excited)
Hi guys!", and i just edited it so it would have music, but theres an warning that keeps saying use @ character enters from X to screen Y, on the line that says “EXT.BLUE - DAY”. i have no idea what it is.

2- i have this line that says “@MATT stands spot 0.357 201 AND MATT faces right” and the warning keeps saying " use the word spot before the numbers specifying the spot" But i already have the word “spot” before that.


1 - You have music_aggropop inside parentheses which is causing the error. Click here to learn how to properly add sounds/music into your script.

2 - Remove the word “stands”. The command for spot direction looks like this:
@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # at layer #

“in zone # at layer #” is optional


It worked, Thank you v much :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a little problem I have with an overlay. The problem: Okay so I’ve made an overlay called BOOK AND PENCIL and I am trying to add it to the background EXT. KC CAFE - DAY in zone 1 and I’ve wrote the following:

@overLay BOOK AND PENCIL create
@overLay BOOK AND PENCIL shifts to 96 -82 in zone 1
@overLay BOOK AND PENCIL scales to 0.590 0.590
@overLay BOOK AND PENCIL opacity 1
At the Errors it says:

‘’@overLay BOOK AND PENCIL create’’ is not a valid directing command
‘’@overLay BOOK AND PENCIL shifts to 96 -82 in zone 1’’ is not a valid directing command
‘’@overLay BOOK AND PENCIL scales to 0.590 0.590’’ is not a valid directing command
‘’@overLay BOOK AND PENCIL opacity 1 ‘’ is not a valid directing command
I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Help!


The word “overlay” should be all lower case. You’re capitalizing the “L”


Okay thanks it worked!


another error occured. I used a different background cause I thought that it might be because of the background, now I returned to the one I told you, ‘‘EXT. KC CAFE - DAY’’ and it says that there is the same error as before, Any idea what it could be?


Can you post a screenshot of your script


okay just a sec




Any idea?




Please be patient. I’m not on the Forums every single minute. I do have work, also.

Try saving again then refresh the page.


I’m sorry, :sweat: . I’ll try that. Also, could it be because of the ‘‘BOOK AND PENCIL’’ ?


Yea it the system thinks you’re trying to animate 2 overlays at once. You’ll have to re-upload the overlay and name it something different.


Thanks again!