Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

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Try spotting the code

&ADRIANA enters from right to screen center in zone 3
&EMILY enters from right to screen right in zone 3

You don’t add “in zone #” for that command. It’s just “enters from right to screen center” without the zone 3. You already cut to zone 3 so you don’t need to add that in.

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Hey Dara! I was wondering if you knew a few things.

First: how do you customize two characters in one episode without errors?
Second: how do you make it when someone chooses something for a choice, that choice answer gets carried into the next episode?
Third: how do you make characters speak offset?

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Three: if you mean offscreen, place your characters in a different zone and have them talk, or use the narrator box with their name next to it:


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honestly, I don’t know what that means or what it is. what is a ‘create command’??

@overlay OVERLAY create

Is there a way to keep characters onscreen between backgrounds so I don’t have to re-place them? :thinking:

Oh okay. Thanks anyways. I heard before there was… I’m going to hope @Dara.Amarie has a different answer. :crossed_fingers:t3::slight_smile:

Thank you

Ok, so I’m feeling really stupid because I’ve had no trouble with this in the past, but how do you get a character to exit while saying something?

There isn’t, but what you can do is upload a background as an overlay and just add that overlay to the scene so you can keep your characters in that scene.

Use the & sign.

&CHARACTER exits left/right

Okay, thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

Can someone please help me with overlays? I don’t get how to put a gun in my MC’s hands.
Thanks in advance!! :relaxed:

The general command is:

@add Prop Name to CHAR

So for a gun, it would be:
@add Hand Gun to CHAR

And to remove the prop after your done:
@remove Prop Name from CHAR

Oh, that makes so much sense! Thank you!!