Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

I am just copying and pasting off of a post someone made on another forum, but it still says that the different hairstyles don’t exist

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lol literally everybody knows that except me- I’m a retard

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Hi! I’m having a little bit of trouble with overlays and putting them in the correct layer… can you help me ?
This is whats happening:
@overlay 5454421743108096_GREEN DUVET shifts to -18 -45 in zone 1 at layer 1
@overlay 5454421743108096_GREEN DUVET scales to 1.288 1.288
@AMBER changes into amberpj
@AMBER spot 1.280 163 69 in zone 1 at layer 0
@AMBER is hug_neutral_pose_rear

it’s saying “Warning invalid slot ‘1 at layer 1’”

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Thank you so much!

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Did you change the name to your own character’s name?

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These are the 2 ways to add layers to overlays:

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So yea…


Hi, I wanted to know how will I move the zoom to my character if my character is happening to do an animation?

Hey! I know many other people are going through this problem when using an iPad to write on the writers portal, as I said I am having difficulties scrolling down using an iPad, if you know any way to scroll down at once because using the return key on 1000 lines is a hassle and takes forever

Like the think bubble?


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The format is:

Character (Animation)

Hey there, when i use the rear command like idle rear how do i get my character to turn and face the camera again? also, is it possible to pan to a spot position in the ink format?

hey dara, is there any way that i could use the animation
“stand_up” to make it look like the character is sitting down?

Hey Dara.
I was just asking for a recap on how to add a point to a character.
Like for example

What do you want to do?

“Be nice”{

CALLIE (talk_excited)
Aww you’re outfit is so cute!

EMMY (blush)
Thank you!

“Be mean”{

CALLIE (talk_angry)
I hate you.

@EMMY is idle_angry

How would you add or subtract a point for Emmy?

(Sorry I just made this up on the spot)

Hi Dara!

I’m a bit stuck on something. On a LimeLight story (Envy) the main character was automatically my character on my episode profile on the app. How do I script that?

Anisha Xx

Are you asking how to zoom on a character?

I don’t use an ipad and haven’t ever used an ipad for directing so I wouldn’t know, I’m sorry.

Someone gave you an answer already, but then deleted their reply…

If you want a thought bubble for dialogue, you have to put parentheses around the text:

(I'm thinking right now.)

Just make them do any regular animation that isn’t rear (like idle)

I’m not sure what you mean by that?