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Oh, that makes so much sense! Thank you!!


Just bumping this up!

I need a little help with the prop addition anytime I add the prop it shows an error
@add RED CUP to JONES and they say it’s not a valid directing command. Please I’m I doing something wrong. Thanks :thinking:

I still have no idea what you mean. I just won’t worry about it right now. Thank you anyway.

I’m assuming you don’t know much about overlay animations? You should take a look at this then

For the choice option to have more time, just pause for a certain amount of time. Or tell your readers to tap the screen when they are done reading. For this have the speech bubble at 0% so it doesn’t show up on screen.

Are you done reading?
“Yes” {

} “No, I need more time.” {

Okay, just tap the screen when you are finished.

@speechbubble is 160 160 to 0%

@speechbubble reset

When you have a speechbubble’s scale size at 0%, it does not show up on screen. So the background won’t change until someone taps the screen (like a tap to continue feature)

You don’t need to write continue. You can leave it blank or put in whatever you want to happen after they choose “yes”

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You’re welcome :blush:

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Please help me with point systems and adding two or more overlays :disappointed_relieved:

The points system:

Overlays Guide:


Hello, I’m trying to make the camera pan around a beach before my scene takes place, however, my character Poppy won’t swim from zone 1 to zone 2 like I want her to. The line ‘@follow POPPY…’ has a warning next to it.
My code:

@cut to zone 1
@EXTRA 2 spot 0.803 209 267 AND EXTRA 2 is tinker_kneel_loop
@POPPY spot 0.263 -41 511 AND POPPY is swim_rear
@follow POPPY to spot 0.371 176 425 in zone 2 AND POPPY is swim_rear
@remove POPPY

Please help!! Thanks

The follow command does not work with spots. You will have to pan to zone 2 while your character walks.

&pan to zone 2 in T
@POPPY walks to spot 0.371 176 425 in T in zone 2 and POPPY does it while swim_rear

in T is time in seconds, so both of those need to be the same number of seconds.

It works!!! Thank you so much! :grinning::grinning: I was also wondering how I could change in which direction she swims in the animation

Make her face left or right as she is swimming

@POPPY walks to spot 0.371 176 425 in T in zone 2 and POPPY faces left/right and POPPY does it while swim_rear

It’s ok thank you for having replied anyways :blush:

Thank you!!

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@PINK BABY SWADDLE moves to layer 5 isn’t a valid command

The layer command for overlays is:
@overlay PINK BABY SWADDLE to layer 2

Or you can just add “at layer 2” right after the zone when you added the overlay with the background name

INT. CLASSIC LIVING ROOM - DAY with PINK BABY SWADDLE to 0.755 212 121 in zone 2 at layer 2

No problem! :smile:

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