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Which overlay did you want your character behind? The SNIPE overlay or the market overlay?


Ohhhh thank you!


Okay so I’m making a new story so I’m going to have the readers customize the characters but I don’t want them to customize a few things like the hair color and the eye color but everytime I erase those things it says label don’t exits what do I do?


You need to remove the goto’s that lead to the labels you removed. So in all the hair sections, there is a choice that says “Select/Choose color” with a goto inside the choice. You need to remove those choice options from every single hair section. Then do the same for the eye color


Hey, when you have the reader choose the name of their character, how do you have the name that they chose on the speech bubble itself? And I don’t mean like this:

EXAMPLE (talk_greet)

I mean labelled instead of YOU on the speech bubble. Idk if this makes sense :joy: Ty!



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Okay so I’m trying to make my episode character blush and I know your supposed to do:
@overlay RED COP LIGHT create
@overlay RED COP LIGHT shifts to x y
@overlay RED COP LIGHT scales to x y
@overlay RED COP LIGHT opacity 1
So I’ve entered that into the script and the red cop light doesn’t even show up! It’s skips all that code out and moves on to the line after it! Please help!!!


Are you adding the zone number to the shift code?


OMG! It worked tysm! Also do you know how to make the blush slowly appear? Instead of it just randomly popping out of nowhere.


Set the opacity to 0, then change it to 1 in however many seconds you want.

@overlay OVERLYAY opacity 0 in 0
@overlay OVLERAY opacity 1 in [time]


TYSM!!! :slight_smile:

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Omg thank you so much!


How do you use gem choices?


My bad, how do you create gem choices?


<GEMS> “This choice will cost gems” {


Hey Dara! It’s me again, I was trying to do some zoom reset but not the ordinary one, the one that the camera goes in circle. Like, I don’t know how to explain it, but maybe you can tell me different types of zooms?


It still doesn’t work.


what did i do wrong here?