Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

Oh Okay so for the first yes choice all I need to write after the choice is continue? Or I don’t need to write continue?

You don’t need to write continue. You can leave it blank or put in whatever you want to happen after they choose “yes”

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Thank you so much!

You’re welcome :blush:

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Please help me with point systems and adding two or more overlays :disappointed_relieved:

The points system:

Overlays Guide:


Hello, I’m trying to make the camera pan around a beach before my scene takes place, however, my character Poppy won’t swim from zone 1 to zone 2 like I want her to. The line ‘@follow POPPY…’ has a warning next to it.
My code:

@cut to zone 1
@EXTRA 2 spot 0.803 209 267 AND EXTRA 2 is tinker_kneel_loop
@POPPY spot 0.263 -41 511 AND POPPY is swim_rear
@follow POPPY to spot 0.371 176 425 in zone 2 AND POPPY is swim_rear
@remove POPPY

Please help!! Thanks

The follow command does not work with spots. You will have to pan to zone 2 while your character walks.

&pan to zone 2 in T
@POPPY walks to spot 0.371 176 425 in T in zone 2 and POPPY does it while swim_rear

in T is time in seconds, so both of those need to be the same number of seconds.

It works!!! Thank you so much! :grinning::grinning: I was also wondering how I could change in which direction she swims in the animation

Make her face left or right as she is swimming

@POPPY walks to spot 0.371 176 425 in T in zone 2 and POPPY faces left/right and POPPY does it while swim_rear

It’s ok thank you for having replied anyways :blush:

Thank you!!

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I’m getting this really weird error in my story!

It happens exactly after the Second transition fade out white!
So the screen transitions then all of a sudden poof the error appears.
I tried it on my phone and after the error the app just exits!
Is there a problem with the overlay command??

@PINK BABY SWADDLE moves to layer 5 isn’t a valid command

The layer command for overlays is:
@overlay PINK BABY SWADDLE to layer 2

Or you can just add “at layer 2” right after the zone when you added the overlay with the background name

INT. CLASSIC LIVING ROOM - DAY with PINK BABY SWADDLE to 0.755 212 121 in zone 2 at layer 2

Thank you so much! I kinda broke down for a minute. :sweat_smile:

No problem! :smile:

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I have an option to choose an outfit in episode 1 and I have a gain with it, but in episode two my character wears their default outfit?

Are you adding in the gain at the beginning of epsiode 2 by using the if/elif/else command?

Do we have to?

Tbh, I don’t think you should have to since the CHAR changes into that outfit, it should stay like that throughout the story until they change again. But sometimes it doesn’t so to be safe I would add it in.