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<GEMS> “Yes” {

ok cool

Hi Dara so I was proofread my episode story on my phone and on the ‘How to use gem choices’ it says the first choice with gems is always free. But on my phone the first gem choice isn’t free.

Taken from the Guides:

UPDATE: If you are an author and are testing your gem choices in the app it will deduct gems. If this happens to you, please contact support so we can help you. We are working on fixing this asap. In the meantime we recommend that you test your gem choices in Web Previewer.

Am I doing it wrong? I had it in the original script I sent you. It’s very bizzare.


@overlay CAR SIDE LIMO create

@pan to zone 3 in 2

&overlay CAR SIDE LIMO scales to 2.206 2.206 in 2

&overlay CAR SIDE LIMO shifts to -982 592 in 2

@JORDAN enters from right to screen right in 2 and JORDAN does it while run_cry_embarrassed_loop THEN JORDAN is faint

@transition fade out red in .4

@transition fade out red in .8

@transition fade out red in 1.2

@transition fade out red in 3

You need the opacity.

OMG thank you!!! You’re a lifesaver! :heartbeat:

Ok so recently I changed the choice bubble colors to Premium instead of just Green and it said "Invalid command: PREMIUM “Change hair style” {goto hair6} "

You forgot the > on line 6022

Thank you :grinning:

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No problem!

Also since I have boy characters being customized as well, I put up customization templates for them as well but everytime i preview the story and click on one of the male characters it kicks me out of the story or does this

Since you added more, did you create those labels for the “goto’s”?

Yeah i did

What do those error messages say then?

I finally figured out what I did. So there was a warning and i don’t really pay attention to them unless its an actual error the warning said that i already had a label and that i needed to but something in between the two so I just put @pause for 0 in between all the male characters that had this error and they popped up.

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How do you stop a weather effect? Does it stop automatically once you change the background?

What’s wrong with my script?

Yes the only way to stop a weather effect is to change the background

The weather effect needs to be added next to the background name