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Okay so, you know how the end of the “shush” animation looks really funny? Well sone people manage to have the animation skip directly to the end of it where a character makes that face, do you know how that works? [ink{

Hi! I have a question, can I use more than one overlay in the same backgroud?And how?Can you give me an example :slight_smile: Thank you :smiley:

Can you copy and paste that scene please?

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The chapter ends on the last line of code you have in your script. There isn’t anything else you need to code.

Can you explain a bit more about what’s wrong when you transition out? And maybe copy and paste your code?

Place a duplicate character offscreen and have them do the shush animation. Then just switch out the main character with the duplicate.


Hello! I’m trying to switch scenes and it’s saying my background doesn’t exist. Do u have any idea why this is happening

Did you check the spelling of your background? There could also be an error with a code that’s before or after the background name.

Thank you soo much :smiley: @Dara.Amarie

How do you lock a choice?

The spelling is correct. I clicked the background from the background list

Then there is an error before or after the background name.
Can you copy and paste your code

<LOCKED> “This choice will have a padlock” {

I’m having a problem with one of my choices. This error keeps popping up but whenever I take a bracket out it says that the bracket does not have a matching one. What do I do?

I have another question. Let’s say my character is in zone 2 and layer 2. How do I make them walk off the screen so it looks like they’re walking off from the layer they’re on? If I just say “exits left”, it looks like they’re coming towards the screen and I don’t want that to happen.

Do you mean that you they’re are scaled to a smaller size and you want them to walk offscreen with the same size?

Not quite. Say I have a character at a certain spot like : spot 1.097 199 110. That makes my character stand at layer 2. If I just put ( @CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER is walk_offset), it looks as though my character is walking forward instead of walking off the screen in her layer. Im going to provide a picture, hold on.


I don’t know if you see it, but instead of walking over and out, it seems like she’s coming towards the screen when she is leaving. I was going to post more, but it won’t let me.

I can’t see the photo, but the “exits” command is for the default size (1.280) so that’s why it looks like she’s walking forward because she’s scaling back to the default size as she walks. Also the animation walk_offset doesn’t mean that the character will walk “off the set”. It’s used so that when you have 2 characters walking at the same time, one of the animations is offset and not in sync with the other animation.

So if you want your character to exit while at the same scale size, you will have to make them walk to a spot offscreen with the same scale

@CHARACTER walks to % x y in [time]

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Oh okay. I messed up with the walk_offset animation. I got my character to walk offscreen like she was supposed to. Thank you so much!