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Just wondering, if we do gem choices do the authors get the gems if the reader chooses the gem choice?

can someone help me idk how to let the reader make an name without this error popping up

hello? :persevere:

Nvm I Found out the problem

Can characters swim forwards?
I want to show them swimming, but the only command I can find is swim_rear. You can use it while they’re moving, for example: does it while swim_rear, but they swim backwards.
What I’m writing:
&CHARACTER walks to spot 0.12 254 500 in zone 3 and CHARACTER does it while swim_rear THE CHARACTER faces left and starts swim_rear.

Also, is there a command to make the character walk rear left? I write the command:
&CHARACTER spot 0.63 -150 161 in zone 1 and CHATACTER faces left (no matter if I write left or right here, they won’t change the way they walk backwards)
&CHARACTER walks to spot 0.63 31 161 in zone 1 and CHARACTER does it while walk_rear THEN CHARACTER faces tight and CHARACTER starts idle
No matter what I type, the character won’t face left when walking rear. Am I misunderstanding it? I think I am. I think I’m trying the get them to walk forward rear instead of walking backwards.

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So far the only swimming animation available is the swim_rear animation, so unfortunately no you cannot swim forward.

When you have a character doing a rear animation, you need to make them face the opposite way. So if you want your character to be rear while facing left, you need to make them faces right.

So, not this point of the script, then when?

Do you want your character to face left while walking rear? If so, you need to add the direction on the same line

Ok. I didn’t know you were allowed to do it while you were doing an action. Ta.

If I do a scene change (like for instance, I had my character sitting in a specific spot, then changed the scene to her phone), and I wanted to go back to original scene with her sitting, how do I do that??

Add the scene in again and place your character in the same spot

I tried…

The command for spots is @CHARACTER spot scale x y in zone #

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Even if I need her sitting??

Add “and CHARACTER is animation


THANK YOU!!! :hugs::star_struck:

Here’s one by episode:




I dont know what i did wrong here. I need help

Remove line 346. The next choice option needs to be on the same line as the end bracket or on the very next line like this

} “Ballroom” {
“Ballroom” {