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Does the character Miranda have to be standing screen left while she’s in the rear position?


She should be on he right side facing right while rear


What is wrong with this:

&follow ANNEKE to spot 1.280 95 -34 in zone 1 in 6
&follow NIELS to spot 1.280 191 -30 in zone 1 in 6


Hey! I’m so glad you updated your customization templates for the skin tones. I was reading over it, and I saw this:

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]

followed by the choices of skin tone. What does that “shouldPaginate” bit mean?


I answered this already




My character is customizable in my story and i wanted for them to be able to pick their skin tone for the selfie female overlay. How would you exactly do that?


This thread will help you: CC + OVERLAY script


Thank you!


Okay! Just so I’m clear, this is what I have so far:
@NATASHA moves to layer 2
@MICHELE moves to layer 2
@MICHEAL moves to layer 1
@ASHDEN moves to layer 1
@OLIVIE2 moves to layer 1
@zoom reset
@MICHEAL changes into Micheal_2
@ASHDEN changes into Ashden_bomber
@OLIVIA2 changes into Olivia_5
@NATASHA changes into Natasha_3
@MICHELE changes into Michele_4
@MIRANDA changes into Miranda_Work
&MICHEAL spot 0.840 89 210 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND MICHEAL faces right AND ASHDEN spot 0.840 156 206 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND ASHDEN faces right AND OLIVIA2 spot 0.840 226 201 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND OLIVIA2 faces right
&NATASHA spot 0.884 117 152 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND NATASHA faces right AND MICHELE spot 0.864 183 164 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND MICHELE faces right AND MIRANDA stands screen right AND MIRANDA faces right AND MIRANDA is rear

For some reason I’m getting confused on how to zoom on the characters in such a way that my readers can see them making conversation together.


Does anyone know how to make a character walk to a position while doing an emotion
e.g. walk_sad_loop


@CHARACTER walks to [spot] and CHARACTER faces [direction] and CHARACTER does it while [animation]


Sorry but it doesn’t work.


How did you write it in your script?


Never mind I did AND instead of and.


How can I get my character on his knees and make it seem as if he is proposing? also, I’m missing a character here.
@BECCA walks to downscreen center and THEO walks to upscreen center


Theo places his hand on Becca shoulders as he can feel how soft her skin is.
Becca suddenly feel a warmth within her that she hasn’t felt in a long time.

THEO (hug_nervous_loop)

(Wow she is beautiful.)


(Wow his hands are soft yet strong.)

THEO (talk_agree_happy)

Ok Becca breathe in and out for me slowly

BECCA (deepbreath)

(My heart is racing so fast. I do have a boyfriend.)


For kneeling I think the animation is called kneel_reach


You’ll have to play around with certain animations and zooms. You can use the “reach_kneel” animation, then have your character do the “talk_kneel” animation, or any other talking animation but you’ll have to zoom in on their upper torso so that you can’t see their feet


Thank you. now I need help in having her laying down and I have no idea about spots.


Sound complicated lol