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Hi am having this problem where in my fighting scene it pauses for a very long time to enter zone 2 . And also my characters aren’t doing the animations I told them in zone 2 and also the keep appearing one by one when it’s in zone 2 instead of just standing in their spot during their animations. Can someone help me plse

Just place your character anywhere in the scene. They will automatically be behind the desk overlay. If you want to make them bigger and placed lower down to make it look like their actually sitting accurately, you can use spot direction.

Make sure you’re using the & sign (not the @ sign) when you place your characters in the scene so they won’t appear one by one.

What does your script look like?

Hey Dara. I’m having a problem with my overlay format.

@overlay 5862412463243264_TOWNHOUSE shifts to -4 -4
@overlay 5862412463243264_TOWNHOUSE scales to 5.734 5.734

I want the coordinates to be with TOWNHOUSE, next to it with the background so it just appears as those coordinates instantly instead of having it have to just suddenly pop in. I don’t know how to format that.



The scale is only entered in just ONCE.

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oh thanks a bunch!

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My script looks like this

Hey Dara. I’m having trouble with the overlay again.
EXT. DAMAGED TOWNHOUSE - NIGHT with TOWNHOUSE to -4 -2 5.734 in zone 1 at layer 4
Everytime I put it in that spot I preview it and it’s in another position turned upside down.

Scale goes first.

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:woman_facepalming: Yep, let me try that again

Yay it worked!

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hey dara can you help me out? I get a warning on line 180 (“God no”) that says I have a { without a matching }

(This one?)

“Choose this outfit” {

    KYLA (talk_shrug)
This works.

“God no” {

goto choosing_outfit

    KYLA (talk_neutral)
Am I drunk?

The goto should always be the last part inside of a choice.

it Work thank u so much . Do u know to throw a character into a new zone , I made my character punch the other character which made her flew . I wanna make it look like she got thrown

You’d have to make her “walk” to a spot in a different zone while doing the punch receive animation

@CHARACTER walks to [spot] in [time] and CHARACTER faces [direction] and CHARACTER does it while [animation]

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INT. THRONE ROOM - DAY with CAMERA in zone 2
@cut to zone 2 and zoom on 527 287 to 137% in 0 and LEYTON spot 0.434 71 389 and LEYTON moves to layer 4 and KADENCE spot 0.407 266 390 and KADENCE moves to layer 6 and DAD spot 0.407 170 412 and DAD moves to layer 1 and MOM spot 0.407 215 412 and MOM moves to layer 2 and CAMILLA spot 0.402 244 405 and CAMILLA moves to layer 5 and MICAH spot 0.407 124 413 and MICAH moves to layer 2 and FAITH spot 0.407 95 399 and FAITH moves to layer 3 and LEYTON faces right and FAITH faces right and MICAH faces right and DAD faces right
@overlay CAMERA opacity 0
@CAMERA GUY enters from left to upscreen left
@CAMERA GUY spot 1.280 100 0 and CAMERA GUY moves to layer 7

All your characters that you want to already be in the scene needs to have the & sign, not the @ sign. When you use @ and “is”, this causes a beat which is basically 1 second, so one by one your commands are happening right after each other. If you want them to happen at the same time, use &

Using “enters” from places the character at a default layer. So place the camera guy offscreen first with the layer you want him at. Then have him walk to a spot onscreen.

Thanks, I’ll try that