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@Dara.Amarie , how can I make it so that if I ask the reader what name they want their character to have, they won’t type in the name that is identical to that of another character?


Is there a template out for having multiple people sitting at a table (ie: for dinner)??


You would need to use the if/elif/else code with the format of: (NAME is “Name”)
And also use labels and goto’s

label name_input

input What’s your name?| What’s your name?|Done(NAME)

if (NAME is “Ashley”) {

Sorry this name is already taken.

goto name_input

} elif (NAME is “Miranda”) {

Sorry this name is already taken.

goto name_input

} else {



And just keep using elif (NAME is “Name”) in the middle if you have more names that you don’t want the reader to choose.


Huh. Thank you for the info, @Dara.Amarie. :heart:


There isn’t, but all you need to do is just place each character in the scene using spot direction: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

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Okay, thank you so much!!!


Hi Dara! I’m a new writer of a story called Code and I need help because in this scene, I’m having characters leave all on the left side because it is “meal time” for them, But when i pan the scene and have characters exit, It doesn’t pan all the way. It pans halfway. I put the script below. Also, Is there any way i can have characters exit AND run in the same command? or do i always need to put
“@ CHARACTER exits right
@ CHARACTER starts action_” please help!

This is the script for when it doesn’t pan correctly.


@ PAM starts react_startled_surprised

@ pause for a beat

@ pan to zone 2

music running_heels

@ YOUNG AUDENZIA starts run_super_speed_loop
@ YOUNG AUDENZIA exits left
@ JAYDEN starts run_cry_embarrassed_loop
@ JAYDEN exits left
@ KAYLEE starts run_athletic_neutral_loop
@ KAYLEE exits left

@ pause for a beat

@ pause for a beat

@ pan to zone 1

@ BOBBY is run_athletic_neutral_loop

@ BOBBY exits left

@ ARNOLD is run_super_speed_loop

@ ARNOLD exits left


Are you zoomed in before that part of your script? That’s what makes a pan go only part of the way. You’d have to reset the zoom then pan.

@CHARACTER exits left/right and CHARACTER does it while run_animation


Hey Dara, I have a question…

I’m trying to code out a “mini-game”, and I’d like the choices that the reader makes to be remembered later on. I know how to use if/elif/else, but I was wondering if it’s possible to have gains within a choice within a choice? Or would that glitch somehow? Would it be easier to use the points system in situations like these? I’m super confused lol, I’ve never done anything like this before.

I hope this makes sense. Thank you :two_hearts:


I think the points system would be the easier method, especially with mini games.

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Alright, thank you! I’ll probably be back later. :sweat_smile:


Don’t get this please help mehhhhh :sob:


Remove “in zone 2” from that command. Pan to zone 2 first, then have your character enter

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Hey, Dara. I need your help. I’m trying to do a remember choice/branching with two outfit choices. I wanted to choose option 1, but i change my mind on previewing option 2. But with the if/elif/else labeling, it goes with option 1 instead of option 2. I don’t know what I did wrong. (Here’s the part of my script where i’m struggling with the branching.)

label dressing_game1
CECILY (think)
(Alright two minutes I have to make a quick outfit choice and make quick adjustments.)
“Poor outfit.” {
@CECILY is tinker_loop_rear
@CECILY is dustoff_loop
@CECILY changes into CECILY_poor
gain POOR
“Veronica from Heathers.” {

@CECILY is tinker_loop_rear
@CECILY is dustoff_loop
@CECILY changes into CECILY_heather

    CECILY (sing_pop_loop)
Got no time to knock, I'm a dead girl walking!!

@CECILY is shiftweight
@zoom on 182 0 to 296% in 2
@zoom on 180 227 to 296% in 2
@zoom on 169 365 to 296% in 2
@CECILY is primp_condescend
@zoom reset
CECILY (think)
(Is this my temporarily disguise?)
“Yes, slay it girl!” {

@CECILY is primp_condescend
“No.” {

goto label dressing_game1
if (POOR) {
@add Hair Brush to CECILY
@CECILY is primp_brush_hair
@CECILY changes hair into Long Curly Hair
@remove Hair Brush from CECILY

elif (HEATHER) {
@add Hair Brush to CECILY
@CECILY is primp_brush_hair
@CECILY changes hair into Suburban Bubble
@pause for a beat
@remove Hair Brush from CECILY
@add Lipstick to CECILY
@CECILY is apply_lipstick
@CECILY changes mouthColor into Ruby Red
@pause for a beat
@remove Lipstick from CECILY




Tysm you’re a literal life-saver!!

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Thank you! Your so good at coding!


So I have an overlay in one scene and it’s working perfectly. A couple scenes later I go back to the same background so I just copy and pasted the overlay placement but I get this message…
“invalid formate to specify overlay animation parameters.”

This is my script:
@overlay 4957460768751616_DESK W COMPUTER shifts to 136 -26 in zone
@overlay 4957460768751616_DESK W COMPUTER scales to 0.874 0.874 in zone 1