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I see what i did I for got in zone 1

Idk why it says that NARR is an animation…please help!

I was also wondering how to not show a character’s name in speech bubble. Like it doesn’t show until their name is mentioned in the dialogue

If you want to use the narrator box with your character’s name, it should be:


If you want no name to appear above your character’s speechbubble at first, then want the name to appear later in the story, you will have to use 2 different characters that are exactly the same. Delete the display name for one of them and use that character in the beginning of your story. Then switch to the other character when you want the name to show.


Okay I know how I want to start my story, it starts in a car with the main character and her mom and sister. So how do I start that at the beginning of the story?

Use a looping background. Find the car overlay you want and add that to the scene and place it where you want it to be placed. Use this guide: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

Then place your characters in the car. Use this guide: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

Thank you.

When I try to move the ‘ok’ overlay only the box around it move not the ‘ok’

Is the “ok” overlay named TEXT2?


Remove “and overlay TEXT2 create” from line 1106


Hey dara I needed help with coding an animated intro
image image
So basically I will have 2-3 overlays and I want it to look like the tears are streaming down the eyes, like a gif or animation?
2) also I have another question can I make an overlay
Invisible and than partly visible than viable
Like a smooth opacity transition? Idk I hope u understand what I mean?


Hey! Not sure if this has already been asked on this thread (& I’m sorry if it has!) but how would I go about coding so the reader can type in their own name?

Place your overlays where you want them and to make a tear fall down, shift it lower on the screen.
To make an overlay invisible or see through, you have to play around with opacity.

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I’m trying to add people walking by and maybe standing in one of the zones etc and I can’t seem to get past an error.

&BRIDGET spot 0.902 153 189 in zone 1 at layer -2 AND BRIDGET faces right
&AARON spot 0.677 138 206 in zone 1 at layer -1 AND AARON faces right

&BARM enters from right in zone 1 at layer -5 AND BARM exits left

&pan to zone 3 in 4
&AARON walks to spot 0.677 138 206 in zone 3 in 4
@BRIDGET walks to spot 0.902 153 189 in zone 3 in 4 AND BRIDGET does it while walk_talk_happy

Also, If I wanted people to be stand in zone 2 by a store where would I put them?

&BARM enters from right in zone 1 at layer -5 AND BARM moves to layer 5 THEN BARM exits left

You cannot add the zone and layer to an “enters” command.

Just place them in a spot in zone 2 wherever you want them to be placed.

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Thanks. I wanted the character to just kind of walking by the other direction as they are walking. Would that still work?