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Wait what do you Mean by there’s no Phone?

“photo”. You asked if I can turn a background into a png but you didn’t upload a photo of thebackground.

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Can you give me something for sleeping codes plz

So I am trying this customization thing and this is where I get fed up and delete.

Now that I added it my starting scene is zoomed in and I have to manually unzoom it to make it work to the spot where the customization picks up. Then on certain choices my screen looks like this:

That template has zooms to get a closer look of your character’s face for certain choices. All of the zooms are in zone 1, and it looks like your character is in zone 2, so the zooms are trying to go to zone 1.

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So I need to change zone 1 to 2?

No, if you want your character to be in zone 2, then you need to change all the zooms to a spot in zone 2. Or just remove all of the zooms in the template.

Will that fix my zoom issue in the beginning of my story too?

What’s your issue with the zoom in the beginning?

The beginning is completely zoomed out. Since putting in the template it’s starting off in a closer zoom. I have (I think I did) deleted all zooms in template but still running into the same problem. Meaning, it hasn’t fixed anything.

I have one more question?

is there something I’m doing wrong?

Can you tell me what you need help with? Are you getting errors? Is something not working for you?

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Just put a zoom reset after the label in the template.

I’m trying to do the Scene where the Character Fades and it’s not working

Where do I put the zoom in now I got it fixed for the most part. I know I want to zoom in on the facial choices but don’t know where to put the @ zoom

I am trying to fix that before I try to figure out the new problem I just created?

Well you didn’t add any character to the scene. You need to place your characters somewhere in the scene. Just adding their layers doesn’t add them in.

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Put the zooms right after the labels for each section.

So I’m doing every thing Correct all I haft to do is Place the characters?